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Explore Western Australia with AAT Kings

30th May 2014

Western Australia is a land of contrasting beauty and ruggedness. With ancient landscapes, from striking red gorges to squeaky clean white beaches, as well as unique encounters with wildlife, gold rush towns and magnificent wine regions, that’s just the start of it. One of the best ways to take it all in is with AAT Kings, who specialise in guided holidays around Australia and New Zealand. The friendly guides, top-notch accommodation and comfortable luxury transport will make you fall in love with the journey as much as the destinations.

Check out our top picks for Western Australia guided holidays from AAT Kings.


South Western Escape
For a stunning journey through the diverse south, this 9 day loop from Perth is all about wineries, national parks, beaches and iconic goldfield towns. After a city tour of Perth, the journey veers straight into the heart of the Goldfields to Kalgoorlie, but not without a stop at the striking Wave Rock, and the former ghost town of Coolgardie. After a wander and a gold mine tour in Kalgoorlie, you’ll head south to the coastal town of Esperance to explore the wild coastal scenery, swim and spot kangaroos on the shores. Nearby you’ll be surprised by the mysterious Pink Lake, before moving on to beautiful Albany, set around King George Sound. Explore the granite outcrops of Torndirrup National Park, including The Blowholes, Natural Bridge and the Gap, and then continue driving through the lush forest of the Valley of the Giants to the Margaret River Wine Region. Enjoy a tour, tastings and lunch at the award-winning 3 Oceans Wine Company. The short stretch back to Perth includes a stopover in beautiful and historic Fremantle, and even a Swan River cruise.

Pinnacles Western Australia
Monkey Mia Dolphins & West Coast
For a taste of Western Australia’s coastal paradises, monasteries, rugged red gorges and mystical limestone landscapes, this 6 day guided holiday sure packs a punch. Start the tour with a trip to New Norcia, a rural Spanish town that revolves around the Benedictine Monastery – it’s the only town of its kind in Australia. You’ll then continue on to Kalbarri to explore the spectacular red gorges and river scenery, before moving on to a very special beach. Made up of billions of shells going 10 metres deep, Shell Beach is one of only two in the world. The beach theme continues but with white sand and blue waters at Monkey Mia. A famous spot for encounters with wild dolphins, you’ll love wading in the shallows with these majestic creatures. Take an optional cruise to see dugongs and more dolphins out at sea, or soak up the sun and stunning scenery. On the trip back down the coast to Perth, you’ll witness the unique stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, stop by the amazing limestone Pinnacles, visit a traditional Aboriginal community, and spend a night exploring the seaside city of Geraldton.

Can’t decide? Do it all with the Western Wonderland guided holiday!
A 15-day all-encompassing journey, you’ll take in all the same sights, from Perth to Kalgoorlie, through the southwest corner and back up the coast to Monkey Mia before returning to beautiful Perth. With the same gorgeous landscapes, from Wave Rock and the Pinnacles to rolling vineyards and spectacular beaches, this is the ultimate guided holiday of Western Australia’s top sights from its capital city.