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Holiday Planning Tips for Families

23rd April 2014

School holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with your kids and spend quality time together as a family. There’s no better way to escape the everyday routine than hopping on a plane and landing in a far away land. From beach breaks in Queensland and close to home cruises to exciting adventures in exotic locales, like Vietnam and Hawaii, there are school holiday options to suit every family and budget. Here are some great tips for planning your next family holiday.

Family Holiday

Plan Ahead
It’s always worth planning ahead and booking your holiday well in advance. It will save you money and ensure that the holiday of your dreams is not sold out, plus you’re more likely to find seats together on the plane. Many of the most popular resorts, hotels, tours and cruises sell out quickly and although last minute bargains can be found, you may need to compromise on where and when to stay. Perhaps the best thing about booking early is that it gives the whole family something to look forward to. It will make the school days fly by and give you plenty of time to research the best beaches, restaurants and attractions to visit while on holiday.

Save Money
Taking the kids out of school early isn’t the only way to travel more cheaply, you can stretch your travel dollar further during the peak school holiday period. It’s worth keeping in mind that school holidays differ slightly in each state, so if you are holidaying in Australia, timing your holiday when the local kids are still at school can be a cheaper option. Another trick is to look out for child discounts. The age limit on child pricing varies depending on the hotel, cruise or tour company, so check the fine print and take advantage of any kids stay, play or eat free offers.

Decide on a Holiday Type
When choosing where to go, it can be fun to stick with a tried and tested favourite, but it is also exciting to break the tradition and try somewhere new. Ask yourself what you would like your kids to see and experience. Are you after a beach getaway where you can relax and unwind as a family or do you have your eye on a big city break? Perhaps a driving holiday is on the cards so you can travel at your own pace. On the other hand, a cruise offers amazing value for families with your accommodation, meals and entertainment included in your ticket price. Many cruises also feature special kids play areas and activities, from rock climbing walls to mini golf.

Choose a Destination
Once you know what type of holiday you are looking for, the fun part begins. Where in the world would you most like to go? The Gold Coast is a guaranteed family pleaser with its wide range of attractions including magnificent beaches and Australia’s biggest collection of theme parks. Venture a little further off shore and go for a road trip around the islands of New Zealand or head over to Asia and discover the beaches of Phuket or the shopping in Hong Kong. Kids will relish a visit to Disneyland California or is it time to tick Europe off the bucket list?

Consider the Extras
Once you have chosen the type, timing and destination of your next family holiday, you may want to think about your travel extras. Perhaps you could add a family friendly tour to your schedule and be escorted through the highlights of your destination. Consider incorporating a rail journey into your trip for a more relaxed form of travel. On the other hand, you may be looking to do a few road trips and need to organise a hire car. Ask your local travel agent about potential travel extras for your next family holiday and let the experts put together your dream holiday package.