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Theme Parks for the Summer Holidays

15th January 2014

With just a few weeks left of the summer school holidays, take the kids to enjoy a day at one of Australia’s best theme parks. We may not host our own Disneyland yet but Australia still has a fantastic selection of amusement parks that will entertain the whole family. Let the kids run wild as they enjoy fast paced water slides, heart pumping thrill rides or laugh out loud live shows. Grab the kids, pack the car and check out these great theme parks.

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Wet ‘N’ Wild, Sydney
Opening its doors for the first time last month, Wet ‘N’ Wild Sydney is the newest kid on the block. Boasting over 40 different rides and attractions, including some of the tallest and fastest water rides in the world, this water park will entertain from dawn to dusk. In fact, if you can’t get enough of the action, the park often stays open til late so you can experience all the thrills in the dark. There’s a fantastic junior zone for the kids with ten water slides and a giant tipping bucket. The Double Bowlseye will send you into a spin or brave the soaring Half Pipe.

Dreamworld, Gold Coast
One of the Gold Coast’s premier attractions, Dreamworld offers a unique collection of rides including eight of the most spine tingling thrill rides in the country. Serious adrenaline junkies can experience all the heart pounding action with the free falling Giant Drop, the terrifying Tower of Terror or the stomach churning Wipeout. There’s also a good selection of family rides and a themed Wiggles section for the kids. Dreamworld also hosts a fantastic wildlife area, home to beautiful Bengal and Sumatran tigers as well as koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles.

Luna Park, Melbourne
Step inside Mr Moon’s giant mouth and enjoy a fun day out at the colourful Luna Park in Melbourne. Overlooking Port Phillip Bay, this carnival theme park boasts a good selection of rides and attractions. Jump on the swirling Enterprise, feel the heat on the Coney Island Top Drop or take to the swinging Twin Dragon. Little ones will love the magical carousel or fly high on the classic Sky Rider Ferris Wheel. The brave can hop onboard the haunted Ghost Train or ride the gigantic creepy crawly Spider.

Adventure World, Perth
Tucked away in Western Australia is the exciting theme park, Adventure World. The park’s crown jewel is a spectacular 12 million dollar roller coaster, called the Abyss. The ride was specially designed and custom built to features four inversions, a unique ten storey high vertical lift, a vertical 100 foot drop and a secret dark section that will keep even the most experienced thrill seeker guessing. There are also plenty of family and kids-safe rides, including a variety of water slides – so bring your swimmers. Adventure World is open from September to May each year.

Sea World, Gold Coast
Another theme park gem on the Gold Coast, is Sea World. A unique combination of an oceanarium and an amusement park, Sea World offers the best of both worlds. Animal lovers will relish time with the park’s resident penguins, polar bears and seals, while the energetic can run wild at Beach Break Bay. Enjoy the playful antics of the dolphins and see the fascinating sharks and rays exhibits. There’s also plenty of live entertainment to enjoy including the wild Jet Stunt Extreme show. Popular rides include the Viking’s Revenge Flume, the upside down Sea Viper or the scary Storm Coaster.