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Bucket List Travel Plans for 2014

31st December 2013

Here at Escape Travel, we are always dreaming of our next travel adventure. As the New Year is nigh upon us, it’s time to decide what destinations will be ticked off our bucket lists in 2014. From adventures in our own backyard, to cities right across the globe, we hope to explore the world’s best. Find out what destinations are trending with us, as our team shares their travel plans for 2014.

Ashton – White Christmas Tour, Belgium


Nobody does white Christmas quite like Europe and 2014 will hopefully be the year I have mine! I’m dreaming of snow-capped pine trees and Belgian hot chocolate you could swim in. On my White Christmas tour I will be checking the cultural capital Brussels and historical Bruges off my bucket list. After exploring frosty cobbled lanes and gaining a newfound appreciation of beer, I daresay the temptation of Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam (all less than three hours’ drive from Belgium) will be too much to resist!

Gareth – Route 66, USA

Route 66

Ever since I visited family in St Louis when I was eleven, I've wanted to return and drive Route 66 from Chicago to the West Coast. The great American road trip conjures up so many images of long open stretches and forgotten roadside attractions through ever-changing scenery. I can't wait to make my way down the ‘Main Street of America’, with the top down wherever possible!

Melissa – Inca Trail/Machu Picchu Tour

Peru Machu Piccu

They say life is measured by the moments that take your breath away...and I can’t imagine that many moments would compare to the feeling of hiking the Inca Trail and finally standing atop of Machu Picchu. The awe-inspiring beauty, almost unfathomable history, vibrant and colourful local culture, physical challenge and sheer grandeur of this site combine to put a visit here on the top of my 2014 bucket list! I don’t think many destinations could compare. Plus I could use some motivation at the gym! 2014 fitness goal = Smash the Inca Trail!

Jason – Volunteer in South East Asia

Bali Orangutan

There is something about Orang Utans that have captivated my heart for years. Their cute smiley faces, fluffy orange hair standing tall and their human like qualities are a sure mix to make you smile. The ultimate adventure would be volunteering at the Orang Utan orphanage in Borneo and observing them in the wild. A chance to mix with these unique creatures, help build facilities at the orphanage and to learn about their natural habitat would be forever rewarding.

Cassie – New Year in New York

New York

It's always been a dream of mine to one day spend the holiday season from Halloween through Thanksgiving and Christmas to New Year's Eve in New York. It's such a magical time of the year with ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center and, of course, the famous ball drop at midnight on New Year's Eve in Times Square. I've seen the celebrations on TV every year and can't wait to be there in person to experience the electric vibe of the crowd and brave the cold for the countdown.

Mike – Trans-Siberian Rail Journey

Russia Moscow

I’d love to travel the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow. I’ve always been fascinated by Russia and its monumental history, so I’d love to ride the rails from the Russian Far East into the heart of the country’s stunning capital Moscow. Along the way I’d take in some of the more quintessentially Siberian cities, such as Ulan-Ude – with its gargantuan head of Lenin – Irkutsk and the chilly Novosibirsk, which functions as the de facto capital of Siberia.

Lyndon – African Safari

African Safari

An African safari would have to be the pinnacle of adventure travel. It's just you and the big five. I've covered most the globe but in Africa I've only explored Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. How can I call myself a seasoned traveller without having been to the Kruger National Park? Also on the list would be the famed gorillas and watching the annual migration through the Serengeti. And then there's Victoria Falls, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro... wow I have so much to do...