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Beach Escapes - The Ultimate Family Holiday

17th December 2013

Beautiful beaches are perhaps the world’s best playground. Whether it’s the shores in our own backyard or islands afar, the ocean really is nature’s theme park. From fast paced water sports to reading your favourite book beneath the shade of an umbrella, the beach caters for everyone. In fact, whether you are travelling as a couple, with toddlers or teens, we think a beach holiday is the ultimate family escape. Here are five reasons why a beach holiday is the way to go.

1. It’s free

Family Beach

Enjoying the beach is a very affordable activity for families. From dawn til dusk, you can play with the roaring ocean without it costing you a cent. Whether its sunbaking on the golden shores, frolicking in the waves or playing beach cricket with friends, the beach provides a plethora of free entertainment for the whole family.

2. No age restriction

Family Beach

From toddlers to teens, the beach is a destination for all ages. While little ones can paddle in the shallows or help build a sandcastle, teenagers can enjoy popular beach sports or try their hand at surfing. You will also find many beaches feature kid’s play equipment near the shore as well picnic tables and barbeque facilities. A beach holiday really is ideal for families with kids of varying ages.

3. Get the kids outside

Family Beach

The beach is the perfect opportunity for the kids to enjoy the sun, surf and sand. Put away those iPods and Nintendo’s, sign out of Facebook and remember what it was like to simply have fun in the sun. So much of our day to day activities are now indoors, so take a break and get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

4. Get active

Family Beach

We could all use a little more exercise and the beach is the perfect location. From family walks along the shore in the cool of the evening, to bodysurfing or swimming in the ocean, there is no excuse not to have fun and get fit at the beach. Simply grab a bat and ball and the afternoon will take care of itself.

5. Bond as a family

Family Beach

A beach holiday allows families to enjoy the great outdoors and more importantly, each other. Whether it’s building your first sandcastle or surfing your first wave, the beach can be a special place for family memories. Away from the daily grind, everyone can relax and unwind on one of the world’s most inviting playgrounds.