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Travel Tips: Packing for a Cruise Holiday

21st November 2013

Before you set sail on a cruise, you will need to pack your bags in anticipation for the adventure that lies ahead. From exciting onshore excursions to themed evenings and entertainment nights, this is one interesting holiday to prepare for. You know days will be spent lazing by the pool but you also plan on getting out and about and discovering fascinating destinations. So how do you know what to pack for a cruise? Here are some helpful hints on where to start.


Sufficient Clothing
A cruise holiday offers a diverse range of activities both onboard and onshore. When packing clothes for your cruise, you will need to take time to think about your destinations, the weather and what activities you will be participating in. For a summer loving cruise, take your swimwear, thongs and casual clothes but be prepared for those onboard formal nights. Take into account the destinations you will stop at and find out if there will be any cultural expectations in regards to appropriate clothing. Bring outfits that you can mix and match, to ensure you don’t over pack.

Suitable Footwear
While you are bound to spend most of your days in flip flops, remember that many cruises will not allow thongs in the dining room, so be sure to be pack alternative footwear. Bring your running shoes if you plan on using the ship’s gym facilities, or going hiking or horse riding on your onshore excursions. Pack for comfort rather than for style. A cruise isn’t about walking around in your finest high heels and soaking your sore feet later. This is a time to relax and enjoy a more casual style of wardrobe.

Separate Bags
Ensure you have all your important documents, essential supplies and a change of clothes in a separate carry on. Sometimes it can take hours for your luggage to arrive at your room after you have boarded the ship. If you have your swimwear with you or a change of clothing, you can start enjoying the ship’s facilities straight away. A backpack or tote will also be handy for your onshore excursions. You can use it to hold your camera, water bottle, snacks, wallet, passport, umbrella or anything else you may need.

Safety Supplies
These days you can get almost anything onboard a cruise ship, so you don’t really need to worry about forgetting something. However, packing your own safety supplies or a small medical kit can really come in handy. Bring your own medication, pain relief tablets, bandaids, hand sanitiser and even sea sickness tablets, just in case. Remember to also pack plenty of sunscreen and even aloe vera in case of sunburn.

Special Extras
Many seasoned cruise travellers have their favourite must have cruise items. Depending on where you are going and who you are going with will determine your special extras. If you are taking the kids with you, consider bringing along a set of Walkie Talkies to keep in touch. To spot marine life in the distance, take along a pair of binoculars and don’t forget the camera. Heavy packers may choose to bring extra coat hangers or over the door shoe bags to help with space in their cabin. Take spare plastic bags for dirty clothes or even bring a small bottle of laundry liquid to do any spot washes in the sink.