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Winner of the Smurfs 2 Competition

12th November 2013

The winner of Escape Travel’s fantastic Smurfs 2 Holiday Competition has been chosen. Samantha Lowry from Victoria and her family are the excited winners of a $30,000 holiday to Europe, thanks to Trafalgar. The major prize will have the Lowry family jet setting on a European adventure, beginning in Rome and ending in London. The holiday will include an 11 day European Wonderland Family Experience with Trafalgar, where the whole family will be guided through the highlights of Rome, Florence, Venice, Engleberg, Paris and London.


Samantha is a full time mum with four children, Jayden, Alanah, Nathan and Daniel. Along with her partner Steve, Samantha is still coming to terms with actually winning the competition.

“I entered the competition because I have always wanted to go to Europe but obviously with a family of six, this always seemed to be more a fantasy than a possible reality. When you click that submit button, you can’t really imagine receiving that amazing phone call to tell you that you have actually won. I’m still in shock!” shared Samantha.

Having a passion for photography, Samantha is looking forward to capturing special photos and wonderful memories of the kids as they explore the beautiful scenery of Europe. Recently, the Lowry family had their first overseas holiday to Hawaii, which ignited a passion for travel in the kids.


“In January, we all travelled to Hawaii and stayed at the new Disneyland Aulani Resort. The kids were fantastic travellers and we all had such as an awesome time. The bonding and shared experiences are something we will treasure forever,” said Samantha.

“This holiday fuelled the travel bug within the family so you can imagine the excited response I got when I told the kids about winning this amazing competition, especially when they knew it would be a very long time before we could afford another holiday.”

Samantha believes one of the most amazing parts of travelling is having the opportunity to encounter other cultures, which is an invaluable experience for children.

“It is wonderful for children to see beyond their own little world that they live in. They can learn to relate and interact with other people and to have respect for others and their way of life. Sometimes they also get to see that life isn’t easy for others and this helps them to appreciate what they have in life,” said Samantha.

Thanks to Escape Travel and Trafalgar, this amazing prize will have Samantha and her family sightseeing in Rome before heading to Florence to taste mouth watering gelato. In Venice, they will learn the great Venetian tradition of Carnival masks, with the opportunity to decorate their very own creation. They will then travel to Paris to see the iconic Eiffel Tower and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, before arriving in London, where Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey await.

On Trafalgar’s European Wonderland Family Experience, the Lowry family will enjoy first class hotel accommodation and have the services of a professional Travel Director throughout the guided holiday. With ten buffet breakfasts and six evening meals all included, it is safe to say the Lowry family will be thoroughly spoilt.

Smurf Winner Samantha Lowry and her family.