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Top Five Food Markets in London

22nd October 2013

The food markets of London are sure to have even the most experienced eater asking for more. It’s no secret that this city has a dynamic food scene, with its plethora of highly rated restaurants and celebrity chefs. Happy to indulge in both local and international cuisine, Londoners are innovative and creative when it comes to British fare. We've been looking into London’s top cheap eats - check out what we've found.

Here our top five markets for feasting in London.

Partridges Food Market

Partridge Markets Image by Karen Walker

Every Saturday, you will find an array of colourful stalls zigzagging through the Duke of York Square. The Partridges Food Market is a gourmet food haven, offering editable delights in every form imaginable. Fresh fruits and vegetables are stockpiled for the locals, alongside stacks of artisan breads and rows of homemade condiments. Delightful sweet treats such as English fudge, macaroons, cupcakes and cookies will tempt even the most self controlled visitor. Devour a traditional British pie from the Pie Minister, a French Crepe from the Pancake Man or an Argentina empanada from Changos. From falafel to sushi, this market really does have something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

Borough Market

Partridge Markets Image by Simon Rawles

One of London’s primary food hubs, the Borough Market boasts spectacular displays of epicurean delicacies. This atmospheric market houses all sorts of goodies, from fresh produce to bakery treats and rustic street food. Those with a sweet tooth will be tempted by the numerous stalls offering sugar laden delights like the rich and velvety truffles at Chocolicious or the handmade artisan fudge from Whirld. Lunch time will be a sumptuous adventure, with endless international options at your fingertips. Perhaps authentic Thai street food from Khanom Krok will satisfy or an Eastern Mediterranean buffet from the Arabica Food and Spice Company. For a taste of British Indian food, head over to Gujarati Rasoi for fragrant curries, crisp samosa and fresh bhajji.

KERB Market

KERB Markets Image by Tom Bowles

Formerly known as Eat Street, KERB is a much loved market located at the top of King’s Boulevard. This hip hangout features a creative mix of unique stalls and funky vans all selling their own tempting treats. Make sure you arrive hungry as this is the place to feast. Start the day with a cup of your favourite brew from Good and Proper Tea, followed by an American whoopie pie from Kooky Bakes. For lunch you can visit Spit and Roast for their famous buttermilk fried chicken or hit up Rola Wala for innovative Indian. A hand raised pork pie can be found at What the Dickens or munch on a pork belly roll from Yum Buns. Complete your tour with a visit to the You Doughnut stand where you can drool over your own plate of mini doughnuts drizzled in their signature salted caramel sauce.

Leadenhall Market

Partridge Markets Image by London on View

The beautiful Leadenhall Market building can be found in the heart of the city. Housing a variety of pubs, shops and restaurants as well as many fascinating stalls, this indoor market has become a popular meeting place. Underneath the elegant Victorian roof, you will find fresh flowers, passionate cheesemongers, gourmet grocers and clever chocolatiers. Wander the cobblestone streets to find some of London’s finest food. Relax at one of the local cafes or bakeries or wine and dine at one of the upscale restaurants. Interestingly, the iconic Leadenhall Market building has featured in a number of films including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Berwick Street Market

Berwick Markets

One of London’s oldest markets, the Berwick Street Market has recently developed a buzzing food scene. Situated in Soho, the markets traditionally hosted fruit and vegetable grocers selling their fresh produce. Nowadays, you’ll also find an array of popular food vendors lining the streets offering mouth watering cuisine. Feast on Napoli inspired pizza from the Pizza Pilgrims or indulge in an authentic Vietnamese baguette from Banh Mi 11. Wild Game Co is famed for its venison steak sandwiches or devour a chunky spicy burrito from Freebird Burrito. If you are feeling game, Tongue N Cheek offers a tasty Italian style Ox tongue sandwich.