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Meet Escape Travel's Official Holiday Reviewer

24th September 2013

After recently profiling the five finalists for our Holiday Reviewer competition, we are proud to announce the lucky winner. Bianca Wordley from South Australia has won the coveted title of Escape Travel’s official Holiday Reviewer. In exchange for an honest and real account of her travel experiences, Bianca will be rewarded with three family holidays. Passionate about travel, writing and spending time with her family, Bianca is the perfect fit for the role.

Holiday Reviewer

National Marketing Manager for Escape Travel, Emma Gilleland felt it was time to share holiday reviews that everyday mums and dads can relate to.

“A recent survey by Escape Travel showed many Australians are struggling to relate to traditional travel reviews and find the picture perfect family holiday unobtainable. We’re hoping Wordley and her honest, raw account of the family holiday connects with Australian mums and dads,” Mrs Gilleland said.

“Holidays are a valuable investment for families looking to strengthen bonds and create new memories and we want parents to feel as if they are possible on any budget.”

As Escape Travel’s official Holiday Reviewer, Bianca will be sharing her experiences through the Family Escapes Magazine and Escape Travel’s social media. Bianca is looking forward to helping Australian’s change their perception of family holidays.

“Many Australian parents know the pressure of creating a picture perfect holiday all too well and often the dream getaway can seem a distant reality,” Mrs Wordley said.

“A time initially set aside for rest, reflection and re-building can soon become overwhelming as the bills pile as high as the expectations.”

Bianca believes winning the competition has given her the gift of more quality family time, which is perhaps one of the most important facets of a successful family holiday.

“Families are focusing too much on getting stuff done and not enough time on just being with each other,” Mrs Wordley said.

“Holidays are a gift; a time for strengthening bonds and getting to know each other without the noise of daily life...parents often forget the smallest and simplest elements of a family holiday can create the most incredible experiences.”

Five reasons your family needs a holiday from Escape Travel Family Holiday Reviewer, Bianca Wordley.

1. To regroup as a family. As a family of five, who runs two small businesses from home, our life rushes by in a blur of work, school and daily life commitments. Sometimes we lose sight of what’s most important – our family. A holiday together gives us time away from the daily grind to reconnect.

2. To laugh more. We spend much of our time speeding by each other in the hallway. Stress takes over and we sometimes forget to be silly. Holidays are the best way to relax, be free and laugh. Big belly laughs straight from our soul. There’s nothing quite like it.

3. To be spontaneous. Our life is one routine after another. There are school drop-offs, pick-ups, work deadlines, bedtime, bath time and mountains of washing. Holidays allow us to ditch the “rules”. We have ice cream for dinner, laze away in bed telling stories, swim all day and make sure the emphasis is on fun.

4. To have adventures together. Nothing beats the moment when you arrive in a new place and set out to explore it together. The kids’ faces are alive with anticipation, their eyes twinkle and we tackle the thrilling uncertainty as a team. I want my girls to never be afraid to experience life – holidays teach them to explore.

5. To love more. Most importantly, a holiday gives us more time to love. Cuddles, hand holding, giggling and quiet moments watching the world pass by. The gift of travel is a gift of love. And nothing beats love.