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Air New Zealand Soars Above the Rest

18th September 2013

Air New Zealand has taken comfort to a whole new level, with their wide range of innovative seating options available on their long haul flights. Making the most of limited space, Air New Zealand has developed a number of unique seating choices including the Skycouch and the Spaceseat. Using creative design, the airline offers passengers the ultimate comfort to ensure a restful journey. Not just for passengers flying in Business class, extra seating options have also been designed specifically for those travelling in Economy and Premium Economy.

Find out what option will suit you best on your next long haul flight with Air New Zealand.

Economy and Premium Economy Seats

Air New Zealand

Even economy seating with Air New Zealand is of the highest quality. Fly on the 777-200 and 747 long haul services and enjoy the ergonomic design and generous 31 to 34 inch pitch of the Economy seats. Each chair also comes with an adjustable winged headrest for easy resting. Meanwhile, Premium Economy on the 777-200 and 747 services offers more legroom with one of the largest seat pitch in its class and 50% more recline than Economy. Put your feet up on the leg rest and foot bar and enjoy the added benefits.

Economy Skycouch

Air New Zealand

The innovative Economy Skycouch is available on Air New Zealand’s 777-300 long haul services, flying daily to Auckland, Los Angeles and London. A trio of Economy seats are transformed into a couch with the touch of a button. A footrest appears from under the three seats to create a flat, flexible space. Designed to be the perfect solution for getting comfortable on long haul flights, the Skycouch is ideal for couples looking for extra space or kids who can use it as a play area. The Economy Skycouch, with the side wall arm rest up, expands to 1.55 metres long, with a depth of approximately 74cm.

Premium Economy Spaceseat

Air New Zealand

Experience modern comfort with Air New Zealand’s state of the art Spaceseat, available on 777-300 Premium Economy long-haul flights. The award winning Spaceseat encompasses a revolutionary design to ensure the person in front of you can’t recline into your personal space. Couples can enjoy the seats in the centre of the cabin which can turn to face each other, perfect for enjoying your meal together. While those seeking solitude or a quiet working space, can choose a Spaceseat on the outer space of the cabin, specifically designed for those who like to keep to themselves during the flight.

Business Premier Bed

Air New Zealand

Sleep peacefully on Air New Zealand’s 777-200 and 747 Business Premier services with a fully lie flat bed. The luxurious 22 inch wide leather armchair with separate ottoman footrest, transforms into a horizontal bed, so you arrive rested and refreshed at your desired destination. At 6 foot 6 inches long, the bed is believed to be one of the longest in the sky. To ensure you have the best night’s sleep, the bed comes complete with a thick mattress, fluffy blanket and full size pillows.