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Memories of a Hawaiian Adventure

17th September 2013

Escape Travel team member, Clinton Hearne has recently returned to Australia after a sun kissed visit to Hawaii. Clinton thoroughly enjoyed a luxury Hawaiian experience with a stay at the Kaanapali Beach Resort in Maui and the Modern Hotel in Honolulu. With firsthand experience of what an island holiday is all about, Clinton gave us the inside scoop into his Hawaiian adventures.

When asked what the most exciting activity of his trip was, he answered easily.


“The Molokini Crater snorkel tour was amazing. Early in the morning, we were picked up from our resort in Maui and enjoyed a continental breakfast before setting up camp at the back of the tour boat. Once we arrived, we donned our flippers and goggles and jumped straight in. Under the water was amazing – there were so many colourful fish I had never seen before. The weather was beautiful and the water temperature was perfect. After lunch we travelled to Turtle Bay to look for giant sea turtles. Apparently they can be elusive, so we were very excited to spot one rising from the depths to get some air,” said Clinton.

Enjoying the relaxed nature of the islands, Clinton spent much of his time on the beach in Maui, lazing in the sun and reading a book, moving to the bar when the clock hit happy hour. One activity that was on his to-do list though was attending one of Hawaii’s famous surf schools. However Clinton’s first surfing experience didn’t exactly go to plan.

“As we got ready for our surfing adventure we definitely looked the part in our bright blue rashies carrying surf boards over 7 feet tall and half as wide. We all paddled out to sea after a little on beach training to get our first wave. On my first attempt to stand I ended up swallowing a fair bit of beach water, but I kept trying and eventually managed to ride a Waikiki wave to the shore. After a while, the instructor took us out further to catch bigger waves and I was getting better and better each time. Finally I went for my last wave, but overbalanced and headed straight for a mini reef. I smashed my legs and saw blood covering my board with a piece of reef sticking out of my leg. Needless to say, I felt I had become a real surfer – I had a scar to prove it and even had my own little piece of Waikiki coral to take home,” said Clinton.

One of the most memorable experiences Clinton had was the time he spent at the Modern Hotel in Honolulu. Taken by the atmospheric reception area which sports a collage of broken surfboards signed by surfing legends, Clinton was also impressed with the revolving book shelf that doubles as a bar at night. However, it was perhaps the culinary experience at the hotel’s restaurant Morimoto that would have Clinton talking years from now.

“We had dinner at the Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant for a degustation menu. I don’t think I have ever eaten food that good. The girls were happy too as Bradley Cooper was outside in a private area having dinner as well. We were eating with the stars,” explained Clinton.

A fantastic holiday experience he would love to replicate, Clinton described Hawaii as the perfect mixture of adventure, relaxation, shopping, culinary delights and culture. He is convinced it is an ideal destination for everyone - couples, individuals and families.