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Meet our Holiday Reviewer Finalists

10th September 2013

Escape Travel has been on the hunt for an Aussie family passionate about travel and writing. Our Holiday Reviewer competition offered families the amazing prize of three holidays in exchange for an honest account of their travel experiences. After sorting through hundreds of entries from families all over the country, vying for the title of Escape Travel’s Holiday Reviewer, we are proud to announce our five finalists. The winner of the Escape Travel Holiday Reviewer competition will be drawn this Friday.

Bianca Wordley, South Australia

Escape Travel

Bianca Wordley is a writer, blogger and mum to three daughters, Lily, Elsie and Hazel. A family of five, Bianca and her husband Brett love travelling and spending time together as a family.

“Our big world map sits on our lounge room wall and often we chat excitedly about the places we’d like to travel to. Australia sits right on top of our must see destination list and we head out in our retro caravan, Audrey, any chance we get,” said Bianca.

Bianca believes her family is perfect for the Escape Travel competition with her background in writing and her husband’s talents as a professional photographer. Most of all, she believes winning will give her the gift of more quality family time.

Katrina Chambers, New South Wales

Escape Travel

Katrina Chambers is a blogger and mum to three sons. Addicted to social media, Katrina is a self confessed over-sharer and story teller who thrives on adventure, fun and excitement.

“I’m surrounded by a house full of boys. We get up early and don’t stay up late. We are never home on the weekends. My husband and I think we’re in our early twenties and the kids think we’re embarrassing but hilarious,” said Katrina.

Katrina was away from her family for three months in 2011 when she appear on the television show, The Block. This experience gave Katrina and her husband a new appreciation for each other and what it takes to raise a family as a partnership.

Matthew Ross, Victoria

Escape Travel

Matthew Ross is a stay at home parent and blogger. With the rest of his family based in England, Matthew, his wife and his son Max have become a very close tight knit family. They love to get the most out of life and always try to keep things fun and vibrant. Matthew entered the competition because of his passion for travel and writing and says if he wins, he will not portray the perfect, idealistic family.

“I like to keep things candid. I’m quite happy to admit that each family holiday isn’t always perfect. There’s nothing more amusing or more interesting than hearing the nitty gritty details of what goes on behind everything,” said Matthew.

Bronwyn Marquardt, Queensland

Escape Travel

Bronwyn Marquardt is a journalist, blogger and mum to her son Chase and her daughter Harmony. An adventurous family, Bronwyn and her children do everything together and love to go exploring both locally and further afield. Bronwyn enjoys getting involved in the kid’s activities which allow her to see the world through their eyes.  Her love of travel and sharing her experiences with others prompted Bronwyn to enter the Escape Travel competition.

“We will always bring the funny side of things to the story and look at all adventures with a sense of humour. We are always happy and very enthusiastic about travelling and my children are seasoned holiday goers so we will give anything a go,” said Bronwyn.

Julie Jajieh, New South Wales

Escape Travel

Julie Jajieh is a stay at home mum and a TAFE Media and Communications student. Along with her husband, Julie loves to spend time with her two children, Alyssa and Isaac. Their weekends are always busy as they make the most of their family time.

“My husband works six days a week, so Saturday night and Sunday are packed with activities – we don’t like to waste a moment. We have a lot of family time, going to the beach, the park or having dinner together,” said Julie.

Julie entered the Escape Travel competition as she is passionate about writing and desires to become a journalist. However, the opportunity to take her kids on a plane inspired her most as an overseas holiday has been a big dream of the family.


We wish all our finalists the very best of luck and look forward to finding out who will become Escape Travel's official Holiday Reviewer.