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Tour Canada's Spectacular Rocky Mountains

16th July 2013

The Canadian Rockies are sure to be on the bucket list of many avid travellers who appreciate stunning scenery. Thankfully, this beautiful region is now more accessible than ever with a myriad of tours, cruises and trains that can take you through this picturesque region of Canada. Rocky Mountaineer, the largest privately owned passenger rail service in North America, recently announced a new route that includes Seattle in its journey to the Canadian Rockies. Available exclusively in Rocky Mountaineer’s award winning Gold Leaf Service, the Coastal Passage route takes guests through the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the spectacular scenery of British Columbia right through to the majestic Canadian Rockies. The entire train ride takes place only in daylight for optimum viewing and guests are sure to enjoy exceptional personalised service. Earlier this year, Rocky Mountaineer also added a new destination to its First Passage to the West route – the Jewel of the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise.

In light of Rocky Mountaineer’s good news, we thought we’d spotlight our top five activities to look forward to when touring Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

Canada Banff National Park, Canada

Banff Gondola
Climb onboard a fully enclosed gondola in Banff National Park and be whisked away on an eight minute journey to the summit of Sulphur Mountain. Climb 2,292 feet to an elevation of 7,486 feet and experience bird’s eye views of six stunning mountain ranges across the park. Take the opportunity to enjoy the Banff SummitWalk, but be sure to take your camera and keep an eye out for local wildlife, such as Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, golden mantled ground squirrels, hoary marmots and the Canada jay.

Ice Explorer Tour
The Ice Explorer tour takes guests to experience the Columbia Icefield, home to eight major glaciers including the Athabasca Glacier and the Dome Glacier. These specially designed vehicles can take guests out onto the snow for breathtaking views of the Canadian Rocky’s rugged terrain. Guests will have the option of stepping out on the icy slopes of the giant Athabasca Glacier halfway through the tour.

Jasper Highlights Tour
Choose to take a scenic tour of Jasper National Park, a World Heritage listed site. Also Canada’s largest National Park, Jasper boasts glorious terrain filled with icy glaciers, hot springs, expansive lakes, limestone caves and cascading waterfalls. There is also sure to be plenty of wildlife roaming the park including elk, moose, white-tailed deer, black bears and grizzly bears.

Glacier Helicopter Tour
Lake Louise is the perfect location to embark on a glacier helicopter tour. Take to the skies and rise above the majestic mountains for a 25 minute flight featuring six stunning glaciers. Guests can also expect to see a 900 feet waterfall and spectacular turquoise lakes before crossing over a 9,000 feet mountain pass.

Banff Boat Tour
Lake Minnewanka is the longest lake in Banff National Park and is ideal for a scenic boat cruise. As the only lake in Banff that allows public motorized boating, this is a unique experience for visitors to the park. The 60 minute tour will provide guests with incredible photo opportunities as you glide past snow capped mountains and alpine covered landscapes.