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Disney Launches American Independence Week

2nd July 2013

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, many cities across the United States are excitedly preparing to launch their yearly festivities. However, Disney has already started celebrating this momentous event with its first week long Independence Day party. As of the first of July, Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida have kicked off the week with a little red, white and blue magic. From a special fireworks spectacular to a Fourth of July concert, families can join in the week long Disney party, commemorating the Declaration of Independence and celebrating the United States as we know it.

Here are Disney’s top celebration activities to look forward to during Independence Week.

Disney Celebrate the Fourth of July with Disney

Concert in the Sky
Each evening during Independence Week, the sky will ignite with a dazzling fireworks display accompanied by a lively musical tribute to America. Watch the exciting spectacle as a different kind of star-spangled banner comes to life in the night sky, right above Cinderella's Castle. This thrilling show will captivate and inspire kids of all ages with a fantastic display of colour, light and sound.

American Desserts
What better way to celebrate America than with a piece of American Pie? Sugar laden sweets can be enjoyed throughout the Disney parks during Independence Week, with a colorful display of delicious American desserts. Be tempted by red, white and blue Strawberry Shortcakes or try the skillet baked Peach Cobbler. Perhaps a Fourth of July cupcake complete with apple pie filling, caramel buttercream and apple crisp topping would take your fancy. The red, white and blue Baked Alaska Mousse is also sure to please, as are the Apple Pie Pockets.

Festive Parade
Each Disney park will be paying tribute to America with patriotic parades throughout Independence Week. Town Square in Disneyland Park is where you will find Mickey Mouse, sporting all American attire. Goofy, Donald and Pluto will lead a procession down Main Street USA, in the Magic Kingdom Park. Watch the exciting new pre-show, featuring the Main Street Philharmonic and Walt Disney’s historic horse-drawn calliope, before enjoying the daily Celebrate a Dream Come True parade.

Star-spangled Souvenirs
Purchase a memento of your Independence Day celebrations with an assortment of flag waving merchandise. Both Disneyland and Disney World will be proudly showcasing a wide range of star-spangled souvenirs. From red, white and blue Mickey Mouse t-shirts to light up star necklaces, there is sure to be an item that will be the perfect reminder of your Independence Week adventure.

Disney’s American Independence Week officially runs from 1 – 7 July, 2013.