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Sydney to go Wet 'n' Wild this Summer

26th June 2013

Sydney will soon be home to one of the biggest and best water parks in the world. Currently under construction, a brand new Wet‘n’Wild theme park is set to be revealed in December this year, just in time for summer. Built on a 25 hectare site in Prospect, this water park will boast a total of 42 slides and attractions including a number of world firsts. Wet‘n’Wild Sydney will host the world’s tallest Double Sky Coaster, the world’s first combination of a 4 loop and 8 lane racer and the biggest wave pool in Australia. Touted as being the best water park in the world, families are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of this world class attraction.

WetNWild The Tornado at Wet'n'Wild Sydney

To celebrate this momentous event, we thought we’d spotlight our top five wildest water park rides in the world. Would you be brave enough?

The Insano – Beach Park, Brazil
The name of this terrifying ride says it all. Officially the tallest water slide in the world, the Insano is a startling 41 metres high, equivalent to 14 storeys tall. Those willing to venture on this stomach churning ride will fly down a near vertical drop, reaching high speeds of 65 kilometres per hour, before plummeting into the swimming pool below. This ride has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Leap of Faith – Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
Beginning at the top of a Mayan temple, the Leap of Faith will have riders flying down a steep 60 foot drop before cruising through a lagoon aquarium. Oh but did we mention that the aquarium is filled with sharks? That’s right, you will slide down a clear acrylic tube through a lagoon aquarium brimming with a variety of large toothy sharks, watching you every step of the way.

The Mammoth – Holiday World, Indiana
Proudly holding the title for the world’s longest water coaster, the Mammoth stretches out over 500 metres in length. This giant ride features seven thrilling drops and starts at a height of nearly 70 feet. Sitting in a 6 passenger spinning raft, you will have to endure 3 minutes of heart pumping fun before you’ll be able to get off this ride.

L2 – Worgler Wasserwelt, Austria
Austria is home to the world’s first double looping water slide, the L2. Only the brave will want to climb 25 metres to enter the trap door before being launched into a 14 metre free fall. You’ll fly through two spectacular loops, reaching high speeds of up to 65 kilometres an hour. This is one extreme water flume ride.

The Behemoth Bowl – Chimelong Water Park, China
This award winning ride will have 4 lucky guests spinning down an 80 metre long tube before plummeting into a massive bowl, measuring 21 metres in diameter. A centrifugal force will propel your tube around the bowl before sucking you down into the central drop chute. Those who enjoy going around and around and around will love the Behemoth Bowl.