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Book your Dream Holiday with Interest Free Finance

11th June 2013

Escape Travel is excited to announce that we are now offering our customers interest free finance*. You can purchase your dream holiday today and make easy interest free repayments over the next 6 months. Escape Travel’s new financial service aims to help families secure their holiday at the best possible rates. Imagine booking that elusive holiday you’ve been forever dreaming about today.

Since our interest free finance can make your holiday dreams into a reality, we thought we’d profile our top five ‘once in a lifetime’ holidays for a little inspiration.

Galapagos Islands Seals in the Galapagos Islands

Cruise through the Galapagos Islands
A cruise through this amazing archipelago of islands is certainly a once in a lifetime experience. The famed Galapagos Islands are home to a variety of rare and fascinating flora and fauna. From the giant Galapagos tortoise to the bright blue footed booby, you’ll be captivated by the region’s intriguing wildlife. Snorkel to see schools of tropical fish or catch a glimpse of friendly sea turtles and playful sea lions. Darwin and Wolf Islands are considered to be two of the top diving destinations in the world.

Visit the theme park capital of the world
Orlando, Florida is often nicknamed the theme park capital of the world and for good reason. Home to over a dozen theme parks, Orlando attracts tourists from far and wide with its eclectic mix of thrilling roller coaster rides and entertaining shows. One of the most popular attractions in Orlando is Walt Disney World. The happiest place on earth, this park is filled with Disney themed fun and is sure to be a treat for the young and young at heart. Universal Studios Florida is ideal for movie buffs, while animal lovers will enjoy SeaWorld Orlando.

Enjoy a hiking trek through China
If you are more of an active traveller, why not make your way through the diverse terrain of China on foot. Home to towering mountains, remote villages and ancient relics, this country boasts more than its fair share of fascinating territory. Trek the Great Wall of China for a once in a lifetime experience. One of the greatest wonders of the world, this crumbling ruin commands respect as you experience the pure grandeur of this man made creation.

Take a tour through Italy
Sometimes the best way to see an unknown destination is by taking a tour and being guided through the best sights by a seasoned professional. Italy is a smorgasbord of lush countryside, rich heritage, sumptuous cuisine and beautiful wineries. A tour through this captivating country will have you admiring the ancient ruins and world famous landmarks of Rome, floating along the magical waters of Venice and tasting the glorious cuisine of Florence.

Visit the world famous shores of Hawaii
If your family is looking for a relaxing island escape, consider the world class beaches of Hawaii. Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is perfect for families, with its turquoise waters and long stretch of golden sand. Take the kids to the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium or one of the local museums. Join in the local festivities with a Hawaiian luau, complete with a tempting feast and traditional Polynesian dancing and music. Featured in the filming of many American television series, North Shore on the island of Oahu is a popular region for keen surfers.

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