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Hong Kong's Must Try Foods

28th May 2013

Hong Kong is a dynamic, vibrant and energetic city that boasts more than its fair share of local delicacies. A unique fusion of east and west, Hong Kong’s multiculturalism can be vividly seen in the array of local and international cuisines on offer. From unassuming street food stalls selling authentic Cantonese snacks to colourful restaurants serving up western dishes you will instantly recognize - every craving can be satisfied on the streets of this Asian metropolis. Whilst the variety of food in Hong Kong is great, there are a number of dishes one must try when visiting this unique city.

DimSum Delicious Dim Sum

Here are our top five ‘must try’ Hong Kong foods.

Dim Sum
When you hear the words ‘Hong Kong’ and ‘food’ in the same sentence, you are sure to hear the words Dim Sum not long after. Somewhat of a local staple, Dim Sum is widely available in Hong Kong. These small dumplings come with numerous fillings and are traditionally served in small bamboo steamers. For a unique experience, try the Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan. This Michelin starred restaurant draws large crowds to its doors everyday and offers one of the best and surprisingly affordable Dim Sum experiences in town.

Roast Goose
This sumptuous dish will leave your mouth watering as you taste succulent meat surrounded by crispy skin, flavoured with a smoke and honey sauce. Yung Kee restaurant is famed for their Roast Goose (Siu Ngor), with many diners waiting in long lines for a chance to taste this famed dish. Roasting up to 300 birds a day, Yum Kee will even go as far to package their goose as carry on luggage for keen travellers.

Egg Tart
Those looking for a sweet will be delighted to know that Egg Tarts are available all across the city. This pastry encased dessert is a popular treat for visitors and locals alike. Made using a delicious egg custard, this tart is far less sweet than the common custard tart many westerners are more familiar with. For one of the best Egg Tarts in Hong Kong, try Tai Cheong Bakery.

Wonton Noodles
One of the local favourites in Hong Kong is Wonton Noodles. For this dish, delicious and plump prawn dumplings are served with egg noodles in a steaming savoury broth. There are endless restaurants in Hong Kong selling their form of Wonton Noodles.  If you are after one of the best, try Mak’s Noodles, a traditional Cantonese restaurant famed for its wonton noodles or try the Michelin starred Ho Hung Kee restaurant.

Milk Tea
If you are looking for a beverage, try Hong Kong’s Milk Tea. This signature drink combines black tea, milk and sugar to create a smooth tea that can be consumed hot or cold. Milk Tea is usually strained through a sack cloth before serving to ensure to its smoothness and is often made from a mix of several black teas. Visit Tai Fat restaurant and order the award winning Gold Tea for a taste of this popular drink.