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Tips for Surviving Disneyland

12th April 2013

Taking your kids to the happiest place on earth is sure to be a magical experience. Whether you choose to venture to Disneyland in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong, you’ll be confronted with a day of Disney themed fun. It is a big day though, so to ensure you and your little ones have a fantastic time from start to finish, we’ve compiled our tips for getting the most out of your Disney adventure.

Disneyland Disneyland

Go midweek
It’s no secret that Disneyland is a popular attraction, which means there will be crowds. If possible choose to venture to Disneyland midweek. The weekends are notoriously busy at these theme parks, including Fridays. If you‘re travelling internationally, double check for local holidays. Don’t make the mistake of arriving midweek and discovering it’s actually a public holiday.

Pre-order your ticket
You can usually order your ticket/s  before arriving on the day. This means you will get through the line up at the entry faster and can make it to your favourite ride early. If you have the means, consider upgrading to a FASTPASS ticket, which will help you and your family jump to the front of the queues. Ask your local Escape Travel consultant to help order your ticket/s in advance.

Plan your visit
Disneyland is extremely family friendly and has an endless list of rides, attractions and shows for all ages. Before arriving, spend time deciding your hit list of things to do. Write them down and take it with you. On the day, you’ll be given a map with tiny pictures and you won’t want to waste time trying to figure out which rides are what. If you’re only going for one day, you won’t get around to doing everything in the theme park, so prioritising will ensure you don’t miss your favourites.

Take snacks
There’s a fantastic selection of food at Disneyland from restaurants to cafes and wonderful snack trolleys. While you may pay a little bit extra, sometimes it’s worth celebrating your adventure with a ball of fairy floss or an American hot dog. However, it won’t always be convenient to line up for food and drinks. If you bring along some of your own snacks and water, you can spend most of your time in line for the rides rather than for food. Snacks can also help keep the kids entertained while they’re waiting in line.

Don’t forget the camera
Memories fade, so take the family camera and grab snapshots of your Disney day. Many characters will be roaming throughout the park, so don’t miss an opportunity for your little ones to get a photo with their favourites.

Take hats and sunscreen
As you line up for rides and wander through the park, you’ll be outside for most of the day, so remember to slip, slop, slap.

Take a pram
Although it may seem like a hindrance, a pram is more than welcome at Disneyland. Kids will get tired, especially little ones, so bring along your own stroller to ensure you won’t be carrying your kids by the end of the day. Disneyland is incredibly family friendly, so you’ll find plenty of ‘stroller car parks’ outside the main ride areas filled with masses of prams.

Stay for the parade
Don’t be tempted to leave the park early, the famous Disney parade usually commences in the late afternoon. It will be worth the wait as everyone stops to see all the characters sing and dance their way through the main street, with colourful floats and live music.