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Victoria, BC - Top 5 Family Friendly Activities

22nd January 2013

Victoria, British Columbia is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. Known as the City of Gardens, Victoria is set on the harbour and offers stunning scenery and beautiful nature. With so much to do and see and with plenty of activities the kids can enjoy, it makes for the perfect family holiday destination.

Here are our top five family-friendly activities to do in Victoria BC.

Victoria, Canada Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria

Fisherman’s Wharf
Don’t miss out on taking the kids down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Take a walk along the boardwalk, show the kids the floating houses and have fish and chips for lunch. The kids will love watching the gorgeous seals come right up to the jetty and can even feed them with fresh fish.

Miniature World
Known as the greatest little show on earth, Miniature World offers a number of tiny but amazing displays showing expert craftsmanship. You’ll see miniature buildings, landscapes, planes, trains and even people that look unbelievably real. Kids will love the Santa’s workshop display. While the adults will appreciate the time and talent taken to make these inspiring models, the kids will love the interaction - like peeking in the windows of the miniature dollhouse and pressing buttons to make the mini trains go round.

Beacon Hill Park
Take the kids to enjoy an afternoon outdoors at Beacon Hill Park. With beautifully manicured gardens, this park is perfect for a family picnic as the kids explore the magnificent surrounds. Have the camera ready as you’re sure to spot an array of animals like raccoons, river otters, squirrels and many types of birds including colourful peacocks. Make sure to stop by the Beacon Hills Children’s Farm, which is a petting zoo located within the park grounds.

The Royal British Columbia Museum
The Royal British Columbia Museum is the largest museum in British Columbia. Throughout its exhibits and displays, this museum tells the story of British Columbia and is perfect for teaching kids about Canada’s history. Kids will be in awe at the giant fossils and the famous life sized woolly mammoth. There is also an IMAX theatre onsite showing a variety of movies and documentaries.

Victoria Bug Zoo
The Victoria Bug Zoo has over 40 species of insects and spiders and is also home to Canada’s largest ant farm. Take the kids to see and even touch creepy crawlies like cockroaches, grasshoppers, stick insects, scorpions, praying mantids and hairy tarantulas. An expert guide will take you on an interactive tour and teach your kids about these fascinating creatures.

Victoria, BC Victoria Bug Zoo