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Top 5 Ways to Experience Taipei 101

15th November 2012

When the structure opened in 2004, Taipei 101 secured the record as the tallest building in the world with an architectural height of 509 metres - breaking that elusive half a kilometre mark. The record would remain in place until the construction of the Burj Khalilfa in 2010. Regardless of the Dubai effort, the Taiwanese building remains an engineering and artistic marvel. Many travellers to the Taiwanese capital will include Taipei 101 on their itinerary, so here at Escape Travel we thought we’d put together some ideas for how to admire this incredible modern wonder.

Here are our top five ways to experience Taipei 101.


Taipei 101

The Observatory
To admire both the interior of the building and for the sweeping views of the city, take the turbo-charged lift from the fourth floor mall to the 89th floor. The journey takes only 37 seconds. The statistics say that each lift cost around US$2.4 million. Once at the Observatory, there’s an indoor and outdoor observation deck and a restaurant.

Street Entrance
Stand on the foot path in Section 5, Xinyi Road facing the majestic entrance to the building and slowly turn your head skyward. The height of this incredible structure as it stretches 500-metres into the heavens is sure to over-whelm.

Four Beasts Mountain Public Forest
For a panoramic view of the structure, head to the beautiful Four Beasts Mountain Forest. This picturesque reserve provides serenity to the pace of the city. As the name suggests there are four different mountains – elephant, lion, tiger and panther. The views of Taipei 101 from Tiger Mountain are particularly striking.

From a Gondola
A gondola ride is certainly something a little different.  From the Taipei Zoo train station stop, transfer to the gondola ride that travels four kilometres to the top of the mountain. The final stop is Maokong Station. The views are, needless to say, amazing with the tip of the Taipei 101 standing proud in the distance.

Grand Hyatt Taipei
The Grand Hyatt Taipei is situated across the road from Taipei 101. Therefore from certain hotel rooms, guests will have spectacular views of this astonishing building. After admiring the cityscape, be sure to utilise the facilities of the hotel including the heated swimming pool and the fitness centres.