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Cruising Mexico - Five Fantastic Destinations

4th October 2012

From the glorious Pacific Ocean Riviera on the west coast to the Caribbean vibe in the east, Mexico is a fantastic destination to enjoy cruising at its best. This is a country where the sun provides rejuvenating rays, the waters are crystal clear and the towns burst with Latin exuberance.

Here are our top five Mexican cruise destinations.



Mexico’s original tourist resort town, today Acapulco continues to bask in its popularity. The water is a deep blue, the sun is invigorating and the historic town centre is fascinating. While you’re docked be sure to watch the La Quebrada Cliff Divers who jump 35 metres into the shallow waters below.

The island of Cozumel, located in the Caribbean Sea near Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula was once home to the Mayan Goddess of Love. When exploring Cozumel, be sure to investigate the various Mayan ruins scattered around the island. However, most holiday-makers come for the sandy beaches and beautiful waters.

Puerto Vallarta
After docking at Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Ocean, consider donning some snorkelling gear to admire the incredible array of marine life that call the adjacent waters home. Keep me an eye out for the dolphins who frolic in the seas. More adventurous travellers will want to head to the nearby zip line tours, while the rest of us are content to lie on one of the golden beaches.

Cabo San Lucas
Opulent and extravagant, Cabo San Lucas is an exclusive resort town at the southern tip of Baja California where most Mexican cruises dock for at least a night. While in town, take a trip to Land’s End and admire the natural rock formations before hitting the famed night clubs.

Mazatlan is one of Mexico’s largest ports and supports a significant fishing industry – make sure you savour a delicious seafood dinner. Once onshore, there are two areas to explore – the tourist section that's known as Zona Dorado and the commercial heart of the city, which is called El Centro. After appreciating the historic architecture of Machado Square, consider heading to the beach for some rest and relaxation.