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Top Attractions on Trafalgar's European Wonderland Tour

11th September 2012

Those crazy animals from Madagascar are back on the big screen in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. As the title suggests, this time they’re creating havoc in Europe. At Escape Travel, we’re so excited about the release of the film that we thought we’d give one lucky family the opportunity of touring Europe. Together with our friends at Trafalgar Tours, two adults and two children will embark on an eleven day European Wonderland trip from Rome, travelling through Switzerland and France and finishing in London.

This trip is full of fascinating attractions that picking a top five is very difficult. Nonetheless, here our top five sights on Trafalgar’s 11 Day European Wonderland Tour.

Switzerland_Lucerne Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

Colosseum, Rome
It really doesn’t matter how many images you’ve seen of the Colosseum previously – glimpsing the largest amphitheatre the Romans ever built with your own eyes is sure to take your breath away. Construction on the entertainment venue began in 72 CE and was completed eight years later. Be sure to both walk the circumference of the building before entering and appreciating the architecture from the inside.

Doge's Palace, Venice
For exquisitely beautiful Venetian Gothic architecture, take a tour of the Doge’s Palace in Venice. The oldest part of the structure dates back to the 14th century and was used over the centuries as the residence of the Doge of Venice, who had the supreme authority over the city. The works of art adorning the walls make the visit extra special.

Juliet’s House, Verona
If one of literature’s most famous lovers had lived in real life, then most surely this would have been her home. The abode now dubbed Juliet’s House dates back to the period of the play and features the iconic balcony. Legend says that those who rub the breast of the nearby statue will receive good luck.

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
You may not know the name but you might possibly recognise the bridge. Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge – a covered wooden footbridge with iconic water tower crosses the Reuss River. Originally built in 1333, it is the oldest bridge of its kind in Europe. The current structure was almost destroyed by fire in 1993 but was reconstructed to its former glory and reopened in 1994.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
We love the gargoyles on Paris’ most famous church. The artistry in the stone work is just astonishing – make sure you climb the tower to admire the gargoyles up close and also to appreciate the views across the Seine and central Paris. Construction on the gothic building began in 1163 and after a period of expansion, was largely completed by 1345.