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Bali – Terrific Trivia

6th September 2012

The beaches of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are synonymous with relaxation, while Ubud is widely considered the island’s cultural hub. Images of the rice paddies are iconic and the temples provide serenity. The Indonesian island of Bali really needs little introduction. But here at Escape Travel, we thought we’d find something interesting information on this major destination.

Here are our top five trivia facts on Bali.


Beautiful Bali

Popular Tourist Island
A staggering 80 per cent of visitors to Indonesia only explore the island of Bali and no other region in the country, despite Bali being only one of 17,000 islands. Almost three million holiday-makers visit Bali each year making tourism is the island’s largest industry.

Hindu the Primary Religion
Bali is home to the most of Indonesia’s Hindu population. Unlike the rest of the country, where the dominant religion is Muslim, around 92 per cent of the Balinese identify as being Hindu. The population of the island is just under four million people.

Cockatoos in Bali
The majority of Bali’s birdlife are endemic to Asia – there are almost 300 species of birds identified on Bali. However the island is also home to the sulphur-crested Cockatoo – which many Australians will recognise immediately.

The Bali Tiger
Found solely on the island, the Bali Tiger is sadly extinct now. The last recorded animal was shot in 1937. The species was relatively smaller than other tigers and generally ate boar, deer and lizards. The Javan Tiger, which lived on the nearby island of Java is also extinct.

Volcanic landscape
As you’re exploring the countryside, it’s best to remember that all of the hills and mountains you see are actually volcanoes – some of them are completely dormant, while others are active. You may like to consider climbing Mount Batur for the spectacular views across the island.