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All Aboard A Disney Cruise

16th August 2012

“Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho… It’s off to cruise we go.”

In the iconic Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the cute dwarves make much of singing merrily as they head to work. Here at Escape Travel, we’ve cheekily changed the lyrics because families can now celebrate the best of Disney on a fun-filled, magical Disney Cruise. So rather than singing as you go to work, warm up the vocal chords as you head out on your holiday.

To get you in the mood, we thought we’d profile five of our favourite Disney characters that – who knows - you may just meet on your Disney cruise.


All aboard for a Disney cruise

Princess Ariel
While you’re at sea, young cruisers should keep an eye on the water for Princess Ariel, a beautiful dame with long flowing red locks - who’s more commonly known as the little mermaid. Maybe Ariel will be joined by her marine friends for a rousing rendition of, “Under the Sea.”

Belle is the female heroine who sees the inner-beauty of a Beast. The memorable shining golden ball gown worn in the pivotal dance scene is one that certainly captured our imagination. We’re confident that all cruise enthusiasts will, “Be the Guest” of the staff.

Simba growing from a naive young cub into the great Lion King is a timeless tale that continues to mesmerise kids since its cinema release in 1994. Above all, Simba is a likeable, generous-hearted lion who learns the power of friendship and responsibility.

Rub your magic lamp to make all your dreams come true. In the absence of a magic lamp, there’s always a Disney cruise. Aladdin is that highly resourceful dude with a heart of gold, who isn’t afraid to demonstrate his street cred persona.

Loosely based on a historic figure, Pocahontas burst into our lives in 1995 with Disney’s thirty-third animated featured entitled after the lead character. The brave young lass manages to avert a war between the settlers and the Native Americans.

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