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Bangkok - Experience the Seafood Sensation

19th December 2011

Recently our travel consultants have been jotting down some quick tips for holiday makers based on their own favourite and memorable experiences. With such an array of places to dine in Bangkok it can be difficult to decide where to go. Sheryl from Escape Travel Carindale has a must try place for you put on your holiday dining list!

fresh crab compressedIf you're a seafood fan, you can't go past the Seafood Market in Bangkok. Located on Sukhumvit Road, their slogan of, "If it swims we have it!" pretty much says it all. A very easy and relaxing open dining set-up greets you before you are directed to the 50 metre long counter where you hand pick your selection of seafood. You are then greeted and seated by your personal chef who will ask you how you would like your seafood prepared. He will give you his own recommendations if you are not sure what to decide on. The chefs then cook your meal in full view with the other chefs at the market. An inexpensive and yummy way to enjoy quality seafood - and a memorable holiday experience!

For more information on Sheryl Guttormsen's trip to Bangkok as well as her expert holiday advice call, Escape Travel Carindale, 1300 839 861.