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Diving with Crocodiles

23rd November 2011

Rebecca Carter travels to Darwin and tries something very different, diving with crocodiles. Rebecca, tell us about this unusual experience.

Escape Travel consultant diving with a crocodile in DarwinOn my first day in Darwin, I found myself at the “Crocosaurus Cove” face to face with the prehistoric creatures we all go to the Top End to see. As I entered the "Cage of Death", I prayed to the gods that I would make it out unscathed.  As they closed the lid and started dropping us down into the water a crocodile started swimming up to greet us. Water kept rising into the tank as we got lower into the water.  The lower we went the closer the crocodile got and the more we had to tread water.  Eventually, the cage stopped and we took turns diving down to the bottom of the tank to get a better look at our new friend.  Surprisingly, I was less frightened than I expected to be. When I came face to face with him, it felt like I was swimming in the water with him. I’ve had encounters with animals before, but swimming with live crocodiles beats anything I have done before.  This experience is a must for any visit to Darwin.

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