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Travelling on your own with a child

16th November 2011

Sara, guest blogger and writer for Baby On Holiday has a positive spin for  parents travelling with only themselves and their children. Do you find it easier to travel with a partner or do the journey with the kids alone?

When you see couples at airports laden with bags, kids, their bags and more bags, do you feel sorry for them? It's worth a sympathetic glance over the top of your skinny cap, that’s for sure. But what about when you see a single woman coralling toddlers, a pram and two large carry-ons through security? Could you really stand idly by?


When I travelled to Denpasar on my own last year with a 10-week old (I know, you’re not technically on your own with a baby) we had a lovely time. Fellow passengers went out of their way to help with the overhead lockers, the airline staff were especially solicitous and the Balinese man sitting next to us was my new best friend by the time we arrived.
My sister-in-law, Hanna, is Swedish but lives in the UK with my brother. Since their two

children were born, she’s been navigating the London to Stockholm flight every few months, sometimes with husband but more often that not without. She much prefers the solo trips. Far less stressful, she says. Hanna hasn’t told him that - she enjoys the fact that he pictures her as some kind of superwoman, coping on her own.

My friend Zoe, her husband John and their four kids, are regular travellers. After their last long haul journey, Zoe complained that while she didn’t even manage a trip to the loo on her own in 22 hours John managed to read an entire novel, glass of red in hand. She wonders whether this constitutes unreasonable behaviour.

So what’s the lesson here? I’m not suggesting you ban your partner from the plane. But if you do find yourself having to go it alone, relax. It’s probably going to be a lot easier than you’d think.

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