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Children are Welcome

24th October 2011

Guest blogger and writter for Baby on Holiday, Sara tells us about cultural differences she has noticed in being welcomed when travelling with children.

 Sure you get the odd knowing smile when out and about with a newborn here in Aus, but after about the six-month mark, no one seems to take much notice, which is just about fine by me.

Baby on holidayThen you go overseas and something odd happens. People beam at you, stop to say hello, ruffle your little one's hair and ask questions: How old is he? Is she teething? Walking yet? Enjoying the heat? And all this in sign language because you don't speak a word of Indonesian, Fijian or Thai.

Raffie and I went to Bali when he was just over three months old . Travelling on our own was a bit daunting and Sydney airport did little to lift my spirits. But from touchdown in Denpasar, it was a totally different story. From the airport to the taxi to the resort and beyond, people couldn't do enough to help. And so many of them wanted to hold Raffie or take his photo. (He was very white and reassuringly chubby, which added to the intrigue.) And you get used to it so quickly. After all, all these admirers are doing is backing up what you've known all along: that your baby is absolutely gorgeous.

Fast forward a few months and my brother and sister-in-law arrived from the UK with their two anklebiters, Casper and Matilda, in tow. We went up to Noosa for the long weekend holiday and, on our first outing into town, spotted quite a smart restaurant with a sign out front stating 'Children welcome'. Inside were rolls of paper and a pot of wax crayons on each table. Kids’ eyes lit up. Sister-in-law booked dinner for six. Brother was bemused: “Are they kidding?” he said suspiciously. “You'd never get that back home.”
“If you think that's good, you should try Fiji,” said a pram-pushing passer by.
I do and I will.

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