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Mauritius - As Good As It Gets

18th August 2011

Picture perfect beach and mountain scenery with a taste of delicious Creole cuisine convinced Natasha Seddon of Escape Travel East Perth that Mauritius is a must visit holiday destination.

Royal Palm Hotel Mauritius Royal Palm Hotel Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the few places in the world I've been that looks exactly the same in real life as it does in travel brochures. From the pristine white beaches to mountainous backdrops, it is stunning. My days in Mauritius were filled with overwhelming natural beauty!

The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation approximately 900 km east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It has a population of approximately 1.3 million and a tropical climate. Locals are extremely friendly and welcoming towards tourists, and a general "chilled-out" vibe exists across the whole island - the result of a huge mix of different cultures living together.

The food on the island was delicious, and I ate a lot of delicious food that came from the local food stalls outside our hotel which was nothing like anything I've eaten before. We stayed in several Beachcomber properties across the island, all of which provided excellent service, comfort and amenities.

Walk with the Lions and Tigers Walk with the Lions

A highlight of the trip was a visit to a nature reserve where we walked with the lions. It was terrifying to watch the big cats be fed as we walked right next to them.

I would recommend a trip to Mauritius to anyone looking to escape the winter cold or for a place to take some time out and relax. Airfares from Perth are comparable to those to Pacific Island getaways and Mauritius provides an excellent gateway into Africa and Europe should you care to continue your journey onwards.

To read more posts on Mauritius visit the Mauritius section on our blog. For more information on Mauritius contact Natasha Seddon on 08 9325 5109 or your local Escape Travel consultant.