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Bali - Travelling with Kids

10th August 2011

We have put together five tips on travelling to Bali with kids. An enjoyable, relaxing and trouble free holiday starts with pre departure planning to make sure that the kids will be safe and entertained to make sure you get much needed down time!

1. Pack smart

Go light on anything you wear. Bali is renowned for cheap shopping and considering the warm weather you'll find your outfits will consist mainly of swimwear and a sarong.

  • Sun cream
  • Wet ones
  • Goggles for the pool
  • Antiseptic cream for grazes
  • Ear drops will be handy for resort holidays where lots of time is spent in the pool
  • Gel no-water hand sanitiser
marriotcourtyardbali Courtyard Marriott Bali

2. Pre-book airport transfers

The last thing you will want to do after the long flight with tired children is barter with a taxi driver for a fare to your hotel. Take advantage of cheap hotel deals that include transfers to save you time, hassle and money.

3. No tap water

Only drink pre bottled water to avoid illness. Make sure you explain this to the kids so that they aren’t encouraged to help themselves to a glass of tap water. When you check in to the hotel move any glasses to places the kids can’t reach. This will make it more difficult for them to accidently drink tap water.

4. Think before you eat

Choose restaurants wisely or ask for the assistance of your concierge to make sure you are going to reputable establishments. Hotel restaurants are catered to suit foreigners and are therefore a great safe place to feed the kids. Of course, stay away from street vendors.

5. No sleep = grumpy kids

Invest in good accommodation. No one has fun if they are not getting a decent nights sleep. There are plenty of cheap accommodation deals in Bali that don’t compromise on quality. Speak with your travel consultant to find out the best suited hotel for you.

The team at Escape Travel have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travelling with kids. Contact your local travel consultant for more information on family friendly holiday destinations and resorts.