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A six star hotel - setting a new benchmark

18th May 2011

Escape Travel's travel blogger has recently returned from a trip to Mauritius where she trialled a bunch of hotels, tours and attractions to give you advice on what to do when you need a holiday, wedding or honeymoon. Mauritius has the perfect concoction of great food, luxurious accommodation, friendly and fun locals, a pinch of golf and a splash of spa, a cup and a half of water sports and a sprinkling of soft white sand. Today's post is about the Royal Palm Hotel and its six star reputation.

A hotel rated six star... is it really better than other amazing five star hotels or is it a simple marketing ploy? This was the question on my mind from the moment I heard about the six star rating of the Royal Palm Hotel in Mauritius where I was fortunate enough to spend a night. Didn't know six star existed? Me either.

After being fortunate enough to spend a night at the exclusive establishment I can now very clearly understand why the hotel (self rated perhaps) is known as being six star. It was a truly relaxing, indulgent and luxurious experience.

Understated entrance to the Royal Palm
Royal Palm reception area

Like other five star hotels, upon arrival we were greeted with a gorgeous, refreshing beverage and a scented cool towel followed by our first six star experience. The six star experience being an immediate in-room check-in and explanation of the features in the room. After a day of touring and activities we were all feeling pretty weary and already we were enjoying the step up to the six star treatment. Waiting at reception was not what we felt like doing.

The ratio of staff at the Royal Palm Hotel is usually four staff rostered on for every guest in house allowing the staff to provide this kind of personal service.

Dining service is second to none! The staff are so attentive that before you even know you feel like a freshly baked piece of bread with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it's in front of you, keeping you happy while you are deciding what to order. Before you realise your wine is getting low it is topped up again. Everyone’s meals arrive at exactly the same time because they assign enough waiters to the table to make this possible. It's all the small things like these that, as a guest, I really noticed because every service provided occurs in this kind of detail. The attention to detail was flawless.

Six star room service

Speaking of six star service, you can see in the picture here the “room service” breakfast that was brought to my room by two waiters in bow ties. Once they arrived in the room they asked me if I wanted to eat on the balcony or inside. I went with the balcony option and they proceeded to set up a table complete with a white table cloth accompanied by a three course breakfast with cutlery to compliment and topped off with a flower in a vase and a stunning ocean view. Six star? I think so.

I also had an amazing water skiing experience. My brother-in-law taught me to water ski  and I must say it wasn't the easiest process. He was reasonably patient, I was clumsy. Luckily he is a very experienced skier and had some great pointers for me. So now - here I am in Mauritius about to try water skiing again.  Firstly, there was no wait to go skiing at the Royal Palm. I went straight into the water, up on the skies and straight down flat on my face. It had been a while since my last attempt. The boat driver, come personal coach was quick to refresh my memory about keeping my knees in tight and not trying to stand up – I needed to let the rope pull me up. Ah ha, that’s right, I remember that old trick! After regaining my confidence and attempting to do moves that my skill set couldn't handle I was quick to realise that the driver wasn't just on the water to help me ski – he was coaching me, his advice worked and I had a boat and coach to myself. Six star.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Jacques Silvant, general manager of the Royal Palm. Interested in how he keeps this standard of service in his hotel and why 40% of his customers are regulars? Stay tuned...

Fresh air dining overlooking the beach
Private beach for guests at Palm Royal

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