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Bonjour delicious Mauritius

13th May 2011

One of three beaches at Shandrani Hotel - they call this the 'wild beach'

Mauritius is one of those destinations that instantly brings clear aqua water, resorts and all things luxury to mind. Pina Coladas on the beach, impeccable service, five star treatment, spas, massages, honeymoons and family time, and for very good reason. There is however, a lot more to this destination than the connotations that come with the name.

There are beautiful five star luxury resorts all around the globe. Our needs, wants and desires are anticipated, met and exceeded.  Like most people I love five star luxury. Like a lot of other people, when I travel I want to experience the local culture and get a feel for the country I am visiting. I have been pleasantly surprised with how wellShandrani Hotel and Spa have captured such a perfect combination of luxury and Mauritian culture. Since arriving not much more than 24 hours ago I have come to realise very quickly that websites and brochures don’t portray the depth of the Mauritian culture that we have been so fortunate to experience and learn from within the hotel and through our day of touring.

Being greeted at the foyer to the Shandrani Hotel and Spa with a combination of Creole and French speaking staff was a welcomed sound to my ears. We were quickly gathered to enjoy an amazing Creole meal in a stunning waterfront restaurant, beneath hut style shelters drinking Champagne followed by Caprianias. Luxury? Yes, traditional indulgence of the culture, absolutely!

Sailing boats at Shandrani waiting for the day's action

So while the hotel is ridiculously luxurious it is also quite simply Mauritian. It was a very welcomed reality that this luxury we were indulging in was Mauritian luxury. We are not on a man made island with imported culture, this is Mauritius - modern Mauritius.

The kids club facilities are fantastic and yet again, they don’t stop at entertaining the children. They too are taught about the culture of the country and after leaving them there for a couple of hours you will return to your ankle biters speaking to you in French and Creole!

I could easily spend a couple of weeks at Shandrani Hotel and Spa because of the countless watersport activities, amazing spa, eco tours, cocktails and food! Personally, when I am on holiday (or even when I'm not) there is no way I'm going near it but there is of course a gym, tennis courts, golf and menu of outdoor activities to keep guests entertained (and in shape).

Shandrani foye

My family and I have been debating over where to meet for an overdue holiday together. With the all inclusive services of Shandrani, the blend of luxury with strong Mauritian local culture and the fact that my nephews will be outsmarting their parents as they become bi lingual over a dinner date with the Bob Marlin Mini Club I know which destination i’ll be voting for!

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