Ho Chi Minh City Food and Drink

If there's one word to describe Ho Chi Minh's food and drink scene, it would be vibrant. From traditional Vietnamese cuisine to modern fusion dishes, you'll enjoy fresh ingredients, a variety of textures, and well-balanced flavours.

Eat at a street food stall or indulge in a fine-dining establishment. Drink a morning cup of Vietnamese coffee or a fresh beer in the evening. From Pham Ngu Lao Street to the Binh Dien Seafood Market, wherever you go, you'll find Ho Chi Minh dishes and drinks to suit your palate.

Ho Chi Minh Restaurant Precincts

Delicious as it may be, Ho Chi Minh dining isn't limited to Vietnamese cuisine. There are Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Thai eateries all over the city. Be sure to visit Pham Ngu Lao Street as it caters to all kinds of tastes. Indulge your senses at District 1, where you’ll find several excellent French fine-dining restaurants.

Ho Chi Minh Food Markets

Plan to wake up early one day to hit Ho Chi Minh's lively food markets: Binh Tay in Chinatown, Ben Thanh in District 1, and Binh Dien Seafood Market in District 8. Stop by stalls selling pho and goi cuon (traditional spring rolls) for a hearty breakfast. Then, shop for fresh produce and fashion items with less of a crowd. Afterwards, enjoy Ho Chi Minh's street food from the hawkers at the food court.

Ho Chi Minh Bars and Nightlife

For a budget-friendly night out, enjoy Vietnam’s incredibly cheap bia hoi draft beer while sitting on plastic chairs in front of a local bar. For a more upscale experience, head to the roof decks of Ho Chi Minh's famous hotels for cocktails. Hit the clubs for live music and then enjoy barbecued meat at a street food stall afterwards.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is an obsession among its people. It’s usually made by pouring hot water over rough ground beans inside a metal drip filter (a Phin filter). This creates a strong brew that’s often sweetened with condensed milk. You can enjoy it hot or iced from cafes or Ho Chi Minh street food vendors.