Things to Do in Hawaii

With picture-perfect beaches, a vibrant dining scene and striking natural beauty, there’s an almost endless list of things to do in Hawaii. From visiting historical sites like Pearl Harbor, visiting Waikiki beach, or heading out to Akaka Falls, this is a destination that gives you so much to see, while still maintaining ‘island time’. By the end of your holiday, you’ll have lasting memories of the Hawaii activities you’ve experienced, but you’ll also feel relaxed and replete. 

Where to Eat and Drink in Hawaii

Boasting an array of cultural influences that extend from Asian to American and European, exploring where to eat in Hawaii is an adventure in itself. The region, and particularly Honolulu, is renowned for its vibrant dining scene. Meanwhile, local farmers’ markets around the O’ahu area and a thriving street food industry add to the array of dining options you get to choose from.
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Hawaii Shopping

Shopping in Hawaii is an institution. In fact, many arrive here with little in their suitcase but go home with it full – the bargains and huge retail selection are just too hard to resist! The large outlets and designer stores close to Honolulu and the surrounding suburbs will be your main retail haven, but islands like Maui do their bit for the region’s esteemed retail reputation too.
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What to See in Hawaii

From active volcanoes to world-class beaches and a rich cultural history, there’s a lengthy list of things to see in Hawaii. Each island offers a different holiday experience. Maui is a great destination for pure beach holidays, while Kauai provides more rugged beauty and lots of outdoor activities to get stuck into. Others are laidback tropical oases, but they all provide sights that mesmerise and inspire.
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Hawaii Activities

Though famous for its surfing, Hawaii activities also extend beneath and beyond the sea. Check out Hanauma Bay on Oahu Island or Tunnels Beach on Kauai if you’re in the mood for some snorkelling. Prefer to keep your feet dry? Head inland and explore sites like the Pipiwai Trail, which includes the amazing bamboo forest, or take a trip to Kona to explore the cafes and coffee plantations. 
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Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands each feature their own unique personality and sights to explore. From the beaches of Maui to the vibrancy and history of Oahu, each boasts its own warmth and distinctive ambience. Best of all, they’re all only a short flight from Honolulu, allowing you to readily explore the full diversity of this multi-faceted destination. 
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Hawaii Beaches

Famous the world over, Hawaii beaches are a major drawcard of this Pacific region. They range from the bustling, busy and ever-popular Waikiki to tranquil, secluded destinations accessible only by boat. Due to the unique landscape and volcanic origins, Hawaii’s beaches also vary in colour – from crisp white to black, red, gold, and even green. 
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Arts and Culture Hawaii

Featuring a distinctly Polynesian influence, Hawaii culture and arts reflect a deep connection to the land, sea and environment of this island archipelago. Wherever you travel, the people of Hawaii uphold their welcoming reputation. Delve further into Hawaii’s past and culture by visiting the Bishop Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the history of Hawaii and the Pacific. Oahu is also home to several galleries, monuments, and art museums.
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