Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are a place of intricate beauty that nature continues to perfect. Shaped by aeons of volcanic activity, they offer lush green rainforests and sparse volcanic landscapes, along with craters, canyons and cliffs.

Framed by famous beaches like Waikiki and Kauna’oa Beach, which often rank among the best in the world, each island has its own individuality, iconic destinations, secluded havens and pristine waters.

Overseeing and preserving this haven are the warm and welcoming Hawaiians. After years of trade and immigration, they now enjoy a unique fusion of culture, entertainment and history.

The Big Island

The Big Island (or Hawaii Island, as it’s officially named) is larger than all of Hawaii’s other islands combined. This unique destination is home to white, black, grey and even green sand beaches. It’s also where you can witness the erupting wonder of Mt Kilauea. Alternatively, if volcanoes aren’t your kind of activity, spend time exploring the coffee plantations, rainforests and waterfalls.


As the oldest of Hawaii’s islands, Kauai is a place of spectacular natural beauty. Rugged cliffs, dramatic canyons and picturesque beaches are the hallmarks of this island. Covered in tropical rainforest and featuring Hawaii’s only navigable river – the popular Wailua River – it’s renowned for being equally romantic and adventurous. Visit Kauai and it will be hard to resist getting involved in hiking, kayaking, and snorkelling activities.


With tourism icons like Waikiki Beach and historical sites like Pearl Harbor, Oahu boasts a vibrant mix of culture, dining, surfing, and the arts. The island is also home to Hawaii’s capital Honolulu and the majority of the population. It's a bustling destination with all the modern conveniences set against the spectacular scenery and beaches that are continually served up across the archipelago.  


Known as the last refuge of old Hawaii, Molokai has stayed true to its traditional roots. This means no traffic lights, plenty of fishermen bringing in their daily catch for fresh sale, and just-picked produce from the farmers’ fields. Tall cliffs, dense rainforest, and a population with largely native Hawaiian ancestry sets Molokai apart. Highlights include the main town and seaport of Kaunakakai, and Papohaku Beach.


Visit the island of Lanai to see its rich ecology. Discover greenback turtles, humpback whales, and dolphins. When not out at sea, enjoy the relaxed island vibes and escape the complexities of modern life. Paved roads and traffic lights? They certainly don’t bother with them here, and this adds to Lanai’s charm, which culminates in destinations like the Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo) and Polihua Beach.


Home to some of the best beaches in the world, Maui’s reality lives up to its relaxed and stunning reputation. Maui offers a prime position to watch the whales in winter, to witness the waterfalls and pools of Ohe’o Gulch, and to enjoy the renowned sunrise or sunset from 3,000m above sea level at the island’s highest peak, Haleakala.