Hanoi Shopping Guide

Venture out on a Hanoi shopping spree and you’ll come home with everything from traditional clothing to handmade home decor and luxury goods. Vietnam's capital has streets dedicated to specific items, boutiques inside French Colonial buildings, open-air markets, and multi-storey shopping centres.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you head out shopping, because you’ll likely be walking from place to place a lot. From Dong Xuan Market in the north part of the Old Quarter, to designer shopping in Trang Tien Plaza close to Hoan Kiem Lake, you could easily spend a whole day splashing your holiday cash. Need a break? Pull up to one of the many eateries and enjoy an iced Vietnamese coffee to re-energise.

Dong Xuan Market

Located inside a four-storey building in the Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is Hanoi's largest indoor market. Inside, you'll find everything from clothes and accessories to appliances and pets. Be on the lookout for products handmade by Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.

Hang Da Market

If you're looking for an Ao Dai – the Vietnamese traditional dress – head to Hang Da Market. This indoor market boasts many fashion, fresh produce and rice paper stalls, all housed in a beautiful building. Haggling is accepted here, so take your bargaining skills to get the best price. Getting there early is also key for finding the best wares before they’re sold, and avoid weekends if you can as it gets very busy.

Hanoi Weekend Night Market

If you want to try a lot of Vietnamese food specialities, the Hanoi Weekend Night Market is the place to be. Apart from fresh and fried delicacies, you can also find inexpensive shirts and accessories to take home. On some nights there are performances that showcase the traditional costumes and music of Hanoi.

Trang Tien Plaza

Trang Tien Plaza is an iconic building located near Hoan Kiem Lake. It was originally built in 1901. Today, this air-conditioned shopping centre houses many international high-end brands within five of its six floors. It also has some local brands that will keep you in vogue with the latest Hanoi fashion.

Hang Gai Street

Hanoi's Old Quarter not only has beautiful French Colonial buildings, but it also has streets full of vendors that specialise in specific items. One of these is Hang Gai Street, which has boutiques and tailors selling nothing but silk products. Get a bespoke suit or dress as well as ties and scarves. For some accessories to finish your new look, check out Hang Bac Street for silver jewellery.