Greek Islands Shopping Guide

In many of the townships of the Greek Islands are shops that sell locally-produced leather goods, jewellery and clothing. Consider having a browse through these shops in the middle of the day to escape the heat before returning to the beach later in the afternoon. You may also like to try some of the fresh produce including olives from Kalamata, pistachio nuts and some halloumi cheese.

Gold Street, Fira

Santorini’s capital city, Fira, is home to one of the biggest gold markets in Greece. Also known as Gold Street, Ypapantis Street abounds in exclusive Greek creations and the latest jewellery design collections. While there, pay a visit to Greco Gold, a family-owned business run by two graduate gemologists, as well as Caldera Jewellery and Golden Santorini; here you’ll find a wide variety of elegant jewellery items, with a focus on gold and precious stones. There are also many affordable handmade silver pieces that would make perfect gifts and souvenirs.

Chora, Mykonos

Mykonos is known for its shopping and frivolous fashion, so the stores in Chora are no exception. With maze-like streets and night-time shopping, Chora is a fantastic place to go to discover clothing boutiques, older, more eclectic shops and handmade treasures. The main shopping strip in Chora, Matogianni, is the place to go to browse through art galleries, Byzantine jewellery stores, hand-woven scarves, golden cuffs, rugs and locally-made Greek sandals. While Mykonos’ shops can be seen as quite high-end, there are still many quirky souvenir stores, which sell handmade jewellery and Greek sculptures filled with distilled liquors.

New Town, Rhodes

In the commercial district of the New Town in Rhodes, you’ll find an array of goods, from everyday items to the most extravagant. A fantastic mixture of top brands and smaller labels means you’re sure to discover an item that will suit your taste and budget. As New Town can be quite busy, you may like to walk a short distance to Old Town, where you can browse through a range of traditionally made leatherwork, including shoes, belts and handbags. The local street markets don’t disappoint either, with affordable fresh produce, clothing and souvenirs. Try and explore the north and south sides of the island, as the styles in wood carving and embroidery differs between the two.

Pottery in Sifnos

Sifnos, one of the smaller Greek Islands, has a historic tradition for pottery that is still celebrated today. Here you can find an incredible array of pottery to admire and purchase at great prices. If you’d like to visit the workshops, you can find them in places like Vathi, Kamares, and Platy Yialos. Ceramics are sold in shops throughout the entire island, so you can’t miss them.

Chania Market, Crete

Crete’s larger town, Chania, holds a 4-day-week markets that give tourists an authentic glimpse into Cretan life and tastes. The Chania Market is predominantly a food market, featuring locally grown fruit and vegetables, herbs, honey, cheeses, fish, live chicken, and rabbits. Some produce is organically grown, and there is a separate section of the market dedicated to selling affordable clothing and cloth.

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