Gold Coast Food and Drink

Trying to answer "where to eat on the Gold Coast" can be a fun exercise. There’s plenty of fresh seafood and other ingredients around for the local chefs to work with. There are seaside eateries, fine-dining restaurants, cosy cafes, and market stalls serving whatever you crave.

You can eat vegetarian dishes, sip healthy fruit shakes, get generous pub food, or indulge in rich desserts. Wherever you go, you'll always find something delicious on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Restaurant Precincts

From cheap eats to buffet options to award-winning fare, the Gold Coast’s restaurant precincts have them all.  If you're looking for Asian cuisine, check out Southport for good dim sum and then some. Alternatively, you can enjoy Mexican, Italian, fresh seafood, and much more from the eateries at Burleigh Heads.

Gold Coast Cafes and Markets

There are many Gold Coast cafes serving excellent breakfasts and pastries to go with drinks. If you’re traveling up to Brisbane, be sure to check out Yatala Pies on the way. This 130-year-old institution offers delicious meat pies with generous servings. If you’re shopping at a weekend market, be sure to take a break from wandering around and have some yummy street food and iced drinks.

Gold Coast Bars and Nightlife

If you’re looking for a vibrant place to spend your evenings, you’ll most likely find it in Surfers Paradis or Broadbeach. You have a pick of bars, pubs and clubs in these beachside suburbs, and many restaurants are open late as well. Take a ride up the Q1 elevator to spend some time on the observation deck, which doubles as a relaxing lounge area.

Where to Get the Best Coffee on the Gold Coast

There are lots of cafes near the beaches, so perhaps the best coffee on the Gold Coast is the one you drink after watching the sunrise. There are many great places where you can get your caffeine fix, whether it comes in the shape of a straightforward latte or something a little fancier. So don't be afraid to go exploring.