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Round the World Flights

Our Round the World flights provide travellers with a flexible and affordable way to fly around the globe. Rather than buying separate flights from one destination to another, travellers can purchase a Round the World ticket offering between three and 20 stops at different destinations anywhere in the world. The ticket can then be used over a period of up to one year. This is a great way to incorporate as many destinations as possible into your travel plans. Worried about the price? The cost of a Round the World trip is usually more expensive than a return airfare between destinations on opposite sides of the world (for example Melbourne to Paris), however if you were planning on two or more stops then a Round the World ticket could provide a cheaper alternative. Another great benefit is that it’s much easier to keep track of your flights when they’re all on the same ticket and itinerary!

Escape Travel have put together five amazing trips around the world that cover a wide range of continents and cultures. From Santiago to Rio de Janeiro, then Madrid, London and Singapore, our great range of Round the World airfare packages make it easy to get out and explore. There’s no point stopping at one destination when the whole world is your oyster! We can also tailor make a global flight journey that includes every one of the stops you’re itching to see. You could fly to Los Angeles and New York, then head to Berlin and the beautiful Greek Islands, before jet setting for Thailand via a stop in glitzy Dubai. That’s just one example of the many awesome holidays you could create with a Round the World flight. So whether you’re looking to explore all seven continents or just pick a handful, we can help you put together your dream holiday in one go.

RTW Flights

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