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Business Class Flights

Enjoy an increased level of comfort with Business Class airfares on leading airlines to a wide range of destinations around the world. A level above Economy Class, this is a fabulous option for travellers looking for extra benefits and comfort, but without paying the premium price that comes with a First Class airfare. Depending on the airline and destination, the benefits can vary. Passengers on Business Class tickets typically enjoy larger and wider chairs with extra leg room, with many touting the added bonus of an extra recline so you can get comfortable on the flight. On select international Business Class flights, you may even find that your seat converts into a sleeper bed, and that you have access to extra pillows, blankets and travel kits. At mealtimes, you’ll also enjoy premium food and beverage options from an exclusive menu, and on some airlines, a sit-down bar.

There are many more benefits of travelling on a Business Class fare, from priority baggage handling and customs clearance to dedicated check in lanes that make it quick and easy to start your journey without any added stress. Many travellers love to make the most of the premium lounge areas while waiting for their flight, which often feature complimentary internet, televisions ,food and beverages, and sometimes include board rooms, work stations and other business facilities. While the major airlines have their own lounges, many others have partner airline lounges in their network that you can gain access to. When it comes to entertainment on board, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of extra choice. Whether you’re heading off on a business trip, an overseas holiday or just a quick domestic getaway, paying a little bit extra will ensure you get an enhanced in-flight experience and a higher level of service.  Escape Travel has the best range of Business Class airfares to take you to your destination in comfort, whether it’s domestic or international.

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Domestic Business Class Airfares
Business Class Flights

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