Things to Do in Fiji

With so many things to do in Fiji, you’ll have to schedule time in your itinerary to take a break! Enjoy all things local. Suva’s coast is dotted with restaurants serving traditional Fijian cuisine that is brimming with fresh seafood and tropical colour. Local markets, such as the Curio and Handicraft Market in Suva, offer handcrafted art and one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Stunning beaches circling the island are a place for both relaxation and adventure. Wherever you find yourself, Fiji offers up something unique and exciting. 

Fiji Food and Drink

Fiji food and drink is fittingly exotic. You’ll find a diverse selection of restaurants and eateries on the Suva coastline. Menus often include distinct local touches, with delicacies such as fresh mud crabs and crunchy sea grapes in plentiful supply. In Fiji, the cuisine is a rich culinary experience no matter where you choose to dine. For an after-dinner kick, make sure you sample the native drink, kava. Just be warned – it’s strong! Read More

Fiji Shopping

Whether you’re looking to pick up a couple of bargains or burn up your credit card, Fiji shopping has you sorted. Scan through market stalls and boutiques for fun mementos and skilled island handicrafts. Hand-designed traditional clothing and sculptured wooden goods from the many markets in Suva and Nadi are perfect for taking a bit of Fiji home with you. Read More

Fiji Beaches

With soft white sand bordered by vibrant coral reefs, Fiji beaches are simply stunning. Feel like a castaway with stretches of pristine sand framed by rocky headlands and tropical palms. Daydream the hours away on the sand, or take to the water to explore the colourful marine life. With over 300 islands, you’ll never be short of beach-going options. Read More

Fiji Activities

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Fiji is a hive of activity. On any one of Fiji’s gorgeous beaches you can snorkel, dive, and surf the stunning ocean waters to your heart’s content. The lush rainforests are dotted with excellent hiking trails, and the views from the forest headlands are breathtaking. For the ultimate indulgence, relax in a day spa (with a cold drink in hand, of course). Read More 

Fiji Museums and Culture

The rich indigenous culture of Fiji bleeds into virtually every aspect of modern life on the archipelago. From the food to the festivals, rituals and art, the spirits of the island ancestors are still influential on the cultural landscape. Fiji culture and art is fascinating, enjoyable, and on display just about everywhere you look. Read More