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Fiji Honeymoon Packages

Beautiful Fiji is legendary for fulfilling dreams that honeymoons are made of – endless stretches of warm, sun-kissed sands, snorkelling along brilliant reefs or swimming in the warm caress of the tropical seas. You'll be totally pampered in your luxury resort. Sip a colourful cocktail as the sun sets before a romantic evening, wander the blue lagoons and peaceful inlets and enjoy the richly colourful flora and beautiful local crafts.

The adventurous will want to take a snorkelling trip to admire the incredible array of marine life that live in Fiji’s waters. Avid hikers will want to explore Fiji’s highest peak, Mount Victoria, which offers incredible views of Viti Levu’s coastline.

River rafting expeditions or kayaking down Fiji’s spectacular rivers are other popular activities. There is also a number of fascinating cave systems on the islands. Of all the caves, the sacred caves of Naihehe, located in the heart of the Sigaoka Valley, are the most popular to visit.

At Escape Travel, we have a variety of Fiji honeymoon packages that are perfect for a romantic vacation. Have a browse through our holiday deals below.

Fiji Honeymoon Packages
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