Fiji Money Guide

In Fiji the currency used is the Fiji dollar ($). Similar to Australian dollars, the dollar is broken down into 100 cents, and notes and coins come in the same denominations as Australian currency does.

Credit Cards

Before travelling to the South Pacific, it’s important to advise your bank that you are travelling. This ensures the bank won’t automatically cancel your cards when there is a foreign transaction, leaving you without access to funds. American Express and Visa cards are widely accepted, however Diners and MasterCard may have more limited use.


There are ATMs available in major centres and resorts around Fiji, however not in small villages. Be aware that when withdrawing money from foreign ATMs, international withdrawal fees are charged, and can be very expensive. Ask your bank for information on their fees before you set off.


Travelling with cash in Fiji is essential. You can pre-purchase Fiji dollars from Travel Money Oz before travelling to avoid paying international transfer fees and commissions. If you are carrying other cash, Australian, New Zealand or US dollars are all easily exchangeable too.


Tipping is neither expected nor encouraged in Fiji, though always appreciated when the service is worthy.