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Dublin Food and Drink

It’s very easy to find a hot meal in the city – many examples of the best Dublin food and drink are clustered quite close to the CBD. However, heading into the surrounding suburbs like Ballymount or Swords will reveal a few gems too.

Dublin’s status as a multicultural European city is reflected in the breadth of international cuisine available, and it’s also home to a vibrant fine-dining scene. Whether you’re hitting Temple Bar for a late dinner or searching for an early morning coffee in The Liberties, Dublin won’t disappoint.

Dublin Restaurant Precincts

There are two key Dublin restaurant precincts that demand a visit. The historic Temple Bar district runs along the River Liffey in the city’s centre and is full of classy restaurants – perfect if you’re staying in the CBD. If you’d like to get out of the city centre, the main street of Swords (a northern suburb close to the airport) is packed with quality local eateries.

Dublin Pubs and Nightlife

The Irish are known worldwide for their love of a stiff drink. Nowhere is this proven more fully than in the many historic Dublin pubs that dot the city’s streets. Homely, rustic Dublin bars and nightlife abound, some as old as the city itself, providing the perfect places for a comfortable evening out with companions – or even just by yourself. Grab a Guinness and relax.

Coffee in Dublin

There’s Irish coffee, which is delicious, and then there’s Irish coffee, which is basically scotch in a mug. Keep that in mind when ordering a cuppa with breakfast! Some of the best coffee in Dublin can be found in the Temple Bar district in the city, but quality cafes can be found in just about any suburb.