Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is quite the destination, famous for its beaches and brunches, sky-scraping architecture and adventure activities in the desert. Whether lounging by the pool or skiing in the largest indoor snow park, you’re sure to never be bored in Dubai. 

Where to Eat in Dubai

Dubai is a veritable smorgasbord of the world’s cuisines. International expats have brought with them culinary delights from right around the world, South America, North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. From the famous Friday brunch to fancy rooftop bars, there’s a flavour for every taste. Read more.

Dubai Shopping

Dubai is a shopaholics mecca, home to the world’s biggest malls, the most extravagant international brands, and intimate, yet no less overwhelming souks selling incredible wares. Wander through narrow streets in the old town for market magic, or head into the air conditioning for an otherworldly experience in its malls-turned entertainment precincts. Read more.

What to See and Do in Dubai

Whether you’re up for an adventure or prefer to passively explore new destinations, Dubai offers myriad ways to explore. From heading to the top of the world’ tallest building, to discovering the silence of sand dunes in the desert, and skiing in real snow, Dubai really does seem to have it all. Read more.

Dubai Beaches

Dubai is blessed with beautiful beaches, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the city means at most of them you’ll also find excellent eateries, drink stands and sun loungers for hire – not to mention air conditioned cabanas at some! Read more.

Dubai Museums and Culture

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s massive resorts and showy shopping malls, there is a distinct and interesting side to the city that’s worth exploring. From the historic neighbourhoods of the Old Town to well-designed cultural centres, there’s a wealth of knowledge that is sure to enrich your Dubai experience. Read more.