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What’s on your bucket list for 2018? If it’s travel, then you’ve come to the right place. Escape Travel’s Huge Holiday Sale is here, with the entire world on sale. You could be off to discover the historic sites of Europe, or to indulge in the delicious tastes of Asia, embarking on a train journey through the Canadian Rockies, or a guided holiday in Latin America. From faraway places with unique cultures and people, to flop and drop getaways at home in Australia, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Make your dream holiday a reality with our incredible end of year sale and 12 months interest free!

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Isn’t it time to explore your own backyard? Australia has so many incredible possibilities to explore, from an Uluru adventure in the outback to climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the city lights come to life at nightfall. Tropical escapes on the Great Barrier Reef or a wilderness retreat in rugged Tasmania, outdoor adventure to fine dining and designer shopping, whatever kind of escape you’re after, we have a range of home-grown holidays on sale now.

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From the wild fjords of New Zealand’s South Island, to the inviting islands of the South Pacific, there is so much to explore close to home. New Zealand’s delectable culinary offerings, wine regions and breathtaking scenery make it the place to be for all kinds of holiday makers. The white sandy beaches and tropical rainforest covered islands of the South Pacific are a haven for relaxation. From the vibrant culture of the Cook Islands to the French flair in Vanuatu, or complete beachside bliss in Fiji, it’s all on sale now at Escape Travel.

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Asia is a fascinating destination that’s so close to home yet feels worlds away. From the buzz of bustling Hong Kong to the relaxed beaches of Bali and the fascinating sites of Japan, there’s always something new and engaging to discover. Indulge in fiery flavours and charming culture on an Asian getaway you’ll never forget. Escape today with our great Asian escapes.

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Europe lures travellers time and again for its timeless cities, awe-inspiring landscapes and rich history. There are unforgettable drives, river cruises through fairytale valleys, an array of flavours and fascinating off-the-beaten-track destinations to discover. From sampling wine and pasta in Italy’s Tuscany region to the stunning beauty of Switzerland and the iconic sights of the United Kingdom. The diversity of Europe never ceases to wonder. Get set to explore the historic sights and delicious flavours with Europe holidays on sale now.

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It’s not where you go, but what you do that makes a holiday truly memorable. In Canada and the USA, unforgettable experiences abound at every turn. Don’t miss your chance to glimpse the spectacular Northern Lights or step foot onto an ancient glacier up high in the mountains. Browse the trendy neighbourhoods of Toronto, enjoy some of the world’s freshest seafood in Vancouver, explore the city that never sleeps, NYC, or the laid back vibe of LA. Start exploring today with the USA and Canada on sale now.

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There is an art to touring in style. One that involves sitting back to drink in the experience while everything is taken care of, of uncovering new cultures, learning about history and art, and experiencing each destination as authentically as possible. Exploring new destinations on a guided holiday means local, experienced guides take you into vibrant cultures, unique landscapes and experiences you never would have imagined. From the Deep South of the USA, to Canada’s wild east coast, the heights of Scandinavia to the sun-drenched shores of Spain, a guided holiday is the way to explore.

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Ocean Cruise

Hop aboard a cruise and feel the wind sweep all of your cares away. Unpack once and wake up every day to find a new destination on your doorstep. Whether you choose a sampler cruise for a weekend getaway, a journey to tropical paradise, or a round-the-world expedition, cruising offers incredible dining options, cabin classes and a whole range of activities to keep you entertained. Seasoned cruiser or first-timer, you can sail away in 2018 with our great range of ocean cruises now on sale.

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River Cruise

Europe is a big, vibrant, beautiful place filled with authentic cultures, masterfully designed architecture and culinary experiences you’ve always dreamed of. From Amsterdam to Northern Italy, Paris to Portugal, down the Douro or the Rhine, no two destinations are exactly alike, and no two cruise voyages are either. Explore ancient castles, quaint historic cities and iconic capitals. Europe’s rivers await, book at Escape Travel today.

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