Things to Do on Daydream Island

Explore unique underwater creatures at the Living Reef, one of world's largest man made living coral reef lagoons. This outdoor aquarium is perfect for kids, with over 80 different types of sea life plus they can even have the opportunity to handfeed resident stingrays, sharks and barramundi. Take to the beach for some fast paced water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing or sail boarding. Discover the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with an afternoon snorkelling or diving, or hop on a glass bottom tinny for an unusual fishing experience. Be sure to stop in at the beautiful sheltered inlet known as Lover's Cove or take a tour on the Daydream Discovery Cruise. While you're at the Whitsundays, be sure to explore a few of the magnificent Islands. Hamilton Island is only a short boat ride away or visit the popular Whitehaven Beach, famous for its stark white silica sand.

Lounge on Whitehaven beach

Barely a kilometre long and just 500 metres wide, Daydream Island is almost all beach - the white sand cascades at virtually every angle. It's hard not to be lulled by the gentle rhythm.

There are three main beaches, although there's so much sand it's hard to know where one stops and the next begins. Even when the resort is full, there’s still enough space to stretch out and find your own piece of tranquility on the beach. Bask in the aquamarine waters or get friendly with the wallabies that roam around the beach, or just sit back and drink in the sunshine. Make sure you remember your sunglasses because the combination of sun and sand really glares through the afternoon!

Visit the Live Reef

With a manmade lagoon spilling through the island, the Live Reef provides an indelible introduction to the marine world. It's a more authentic version of an aquarium, as most of the marine life is truly wild rather than captive.

Baby stingrays hide in the sand then flicker through the depths. A series of small shark species move with grace, and sea cucumbers are among the more bizarre marine characters you’ll find here. And then there's the flamboyant array of tropical fish that happily swim around everyone that walks into the lagoon.

You'll need to explore the Live Reef with a guide from the Daydream Island Resort, which will allow you to get even more up close and personal with some of the marine life.

Cruise the Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands are home to the tropical images that you’ll see on Australian postcards all over the country. Daydream Island is just one of 74 islands in the archipelago which are all easy to explore on a boat cruise. Sail past uninhabited islands of white sand, drop anchor beside mangrove forests, cruise through a series of sandbanks, and bask in the serenity of it all.

Dependent on budget and adventure levels, a Whitsundays boat cruise can travel to hundreds of different destinations on various different routes. All should provide quiet moments on the ocean and a chance to dock at an island that has never been inhabited.

Explore the brilliant colours of the coral reefs

Eclectic coral fringes the beaches of Daydream Island, the outcrops of life bringing a delightful array of fish life and some revered species of the deep.

While the rainbow colours are enough to enchant, a snorkelling or diving excursion often leads to a brief encounter with a small shark or ray that's crept up from the depths. If you're a confident swimmer then it's easy to get close. If you prefer, many resorts also offer coral viewing in glass-bottomed boats.

Scenic helicopter flights of the Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsundays stand majestically in the Pacific, a string of islets and islands whose tropical tones are sure to delight. Capturing the scale of the islands is best done from the air, and a scenic helicopter flight will take you through them all.

A famous heart-shaped reef provides the iconic aerial photo, but just about every angle is postcard-worthy, with the dazzling white sand and endless reefs glowing beneath the helicopter blades.

Elevate your experience with a heli-reef tour, combining the scenic flight with a stop to snorkel at an isolated reef pontoon.

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