Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean is a bounty of shimmering sapphire waters, sun-drenched shores and idyllic seaside towns that ooze character, culture and tasty cuisine. A laidback mix of mainland marvels and island gems, the best way to soak up the highlights is on a Mediterranean cruise. Discover famous ancient ruins and modern wonders, villages steeped in tradition and cosmopolitan cities. From high-rolling casinos to mythical gods and secluded rocky coves, you won’t be disappointed by this legendary European hotspot.

For Families

There’s a plethora of family friendly attractions that are sure to keep both you and the kids entertained. Bring those school history lessons to life with a trip to the ancient ruins of Greece, starting with the Parthenon in Athens, or head to the buried city of Pompeii near Naples. For the littlies, don’t miss the Toy Museum in Barcelona or a bowl of iconic fresh spaghetti in Italy. Wherever you go, it’s always easy to find calm clear waters to splash about in.

For Couples

There’s no shortage of loved-up options for a romantic retreat for two. Iconic highlights include a ride through the scenic canals of Venice and an exquisite night out in lavish Monte Carlo on the French Riviera. But you’ll also love the charisma of beautiful Dubrovnik, the sunset from atop Oia’s white-washed cliffs in Santorini, and the cosmopolitan vibes of Spain’s Palma de Mallorca.

Getting Around

While it’s possible to hire a car around the Mediterranean, the roads can be very busy and hard to navigate. Scooters are common also, but beware of the risk and make sure you’re covered by travel insurance first. Hailing taxis and getting around on foot is a great way to see a destination, or else try the public transport system in the larger centres. Organised tours however provide a foolproof way to get around and see the sights with ease.

Local Tip

Beware that the beaches of the Mediterranean come in many shapes, textures and colours. While it’s possible to find soft and sandy shores that range from white to golden, some are also black or red, thanks to volcanic rock. Some beaches are small coves protected by rocky outcrops or backing onto cliffs, and others are made of pebbles themselves. You’ll also notice that the azure waters are incredibly calm here, which is perfect for relaxing and admiring the stunning surroundings, but not so good if you were hoping to surf.

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