Hawaii Cruises

An exotic paradise of dramatic landscapes, magnificent beaches and vibrant seaside cities, Hawaii sways to its own rhythm far from the rest of the USA. A string of eight major islands (and their many smaller counterparts) strewn through the North Pacific Ocean, a cruise to Hawaii reveals the vastly different sights and experiences on offer around these volcanic hubs. You could be surfing world-class breaks in the morning, hiking soaring red canyons by afternoon, and dining in world-class restaurants for dinner.

For Families

A family holiday hotspot, Hawaii is no stranger to travellers of all ages, abilities and interests. Put the children in a surf school especially geared to kids, take them on an adventure through the lush rainforest or join a hula lesson or lei-making class as a family. Other popular attractions include traditional Hawaiian dance productions, snorkelling for local marine life, and catching glimpse of dormant and active volcanoes across the fascinating landscape.

For Couples

Many a honeymoon and wedding have been held on these beautiful shores, but you can trust there’s enough romance to spread around. Glimpse waterfalls and striking canyons on Kauai, retreat into the lush valleys of Molokai, join a dolphin-spotting cruise or catch the dusky sunrise over the gorgeous Mokulua Islands. For some cosmopolitan indulgence, pamper yourself with twin massages by the ocean or dine out at a world-class restaurant in Waikiki or Honolulu.

Getting Around

If you can drag yourself away from the sandy shores and bustling cities, the best way to get around is to hire a car. On Oahu though, there are some great public transport connections to help you get around. Alternatively, there’s a wide range of day tours that’ll take you to see the highlights, as well as specialised tours such as snorkelling safaris, volcano treks and bike tours.

Local Tip

You may have heard of the world ‘aloha’ already, which means more than just hello and goodbye, but also characterises a way of life stemmed in love for each other and the land. The spirit of aloha is strong, and its presence adds a magical touch to this relaxed island state. Hawaiians also play out their love for the land through music and tell stories of the islands through the dances and chants of the hula – a must see sight.

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