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Close to Home Cruises

For the cruisers who don’t want to venture too far from Aussie shores, a close to home cruise is the perfect choice. It’s also a fabulous way to explore Australia’s beautiful coastline and our closest neighbours, from New Zealand to the South Pacific. Even just two days is enough to get a taste of life on the high seas. There are a number of short break cruises that make return journeys from Australia’s capital cities, including Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Similar itineraries include cruises between Brisbane and Sydney, or Sydney and Melbourne for a holiday that spans more than one city’s sights, shops and dining.

Want to cruise overseas from Australia? Our closest neighbour New Zealand is only a short sail away. Jump off the ship to explore Dunedin’s beautiful Otago Peninsula, home to fascinating wildlife like seals and penguins, wander around up-and-coming Christchurch and take in the sights of cosmopolitan Auckland. If you’d prefer to take in the sun-drenched islands of the South Pacific, that’s also within easy reach. New Caledonia is a popular cruising destination, a quick trip from the east coast. But you could also continue on to beautiful Vanuatu, Fiji or all the way to French Polynesia.

If it’s not only about where you go, but also what’s happening on board, there are many fun themed cruises that stay close to home. You could try a dedicated food and wine cruise to indulge your inner foodie during days spent at sea. There are also comedy cruises, full of hilarious entertainment on board, and family cruises, where you can trust the kids will be well catered to. Another great eventful cruise is the Australia Day cruise – the perfect way to make the most of your long weekend and celebrate in style.

See our latest close to home cruise packages below or contact one of our experienced consultants to tailor your own cruise package today.

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Close to Home Cruises

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